Budapest, Budapest, HUN

A space-folk band performing their own compositions inspired by Hungarian and Bulgarian folk, Russian beat, old town songs of Eastern Europe and many other kinds of music.

Their increasingly marked rock sound perfectly envelop the enchanted voice and captivating stage presence of Annamari Oláh.


Fókatelep formed in 2007 in jam sessions of the members of Korai Öröm, a psychedelic world-beat band known far beyond the borders of Hungary. After Annamária Oláh, the young talented singer and songwriter had joined the group, the „fokadelic” style was born. Strong grooves and ethereal singing in five languages, where gypsy tango meets chanson, Hungarian „csujogatós” meets Irish pub music, Bulgarian voices meet latin afro-beat.

In October 2009 the band completed a successful tour in Scandinavia and Germany. Besides the concerts, members gave workshops in Danish schools.

As a winner of Fete de la Musique contest, Fókatelep have been invited to Brussels for their next European tour. Among others they will perform in Luxembourg to open a series of cultural events at Neumünster Abbey - one of several scheduled gigs of a larger European tour of the second album.

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Written By: Fókatelep/Trad.

Kaske i lunzi i rata
le corre romeske
le corre romeske
t'ai leska deiakes

Dzai dzai dzai kon sindol
kodo kalo iilo
anda tute dale
sindol mure iilo

Jaj de hosszúak az esték
szememrõl csordul a festék
egész éjjel addig sírok
míg álomba nem borulok

U Stankini

Written By: Trad.

? ???????? ???, ????, ????? ?????,
?????? ?? ? ???? ????.
? ???????? ???, ???? ???? ?????,
???? ?????? ????? ????.

Sztankáéknál van, anyám, egy görbe körtefa,
Sztanka az én kedves lelkem.
Sztankáéknál van, anyám, egy szalma kazal,
Nincs más olyan, mint a Sztanka.

Chaos Santana

Written By: Trad.

Yo soy un pajaro
Porque siempre canto
Escuchame mi carino
Que buena esta canción

Quitate de la pena
Y espera la primavera

Ven aquí mi querido
Y baila conmigo

Mon amie la rose

Written By: Trad.

Mon amie la rose:

On est bien peu de choses
Et mon amie la rose me l'a dit ce matin
A l'aurore je suis née, baptisée de rosée
Je me suis épanouie. Heureuse et amoureuse.
Au rayon du soleil.Je me suis fermée la nuit.
Me suis reveillée vieillie. Pourtant j'etais trés belle.
Oui j'etais la plus belle. Des fleurs de ton jardin.

In english:

We are truly insignificant
And that's what my friend the rose
Told me this morning
I was born at dawn
Baptised in dew
I blossomed
In the rays of the sun
Happy and in love
I closed my petals at night
And when I awoke I was old.
Yet I had been beautiful
Yes, I was the most beautiful
Of all the flowers in your garden


Fokadelic, 2011, NarRator Records (www.soundcloud.com/fokatelep)
Fókatelep, 2009, NarRator Records

Mon amie la rose: MR2 Petofi Rádió 2009 (Hungarian National Radio)
Madárka (Birdy), Álom (Dream), Kaske, Hordócska (Little Barrel), Chaos Santana: MR2 Petofi Rádió, Tranzit show, 2010
Indulj el (Leave), Madárka (Birdy), Kerek a szolo levele (Round is the leaf of the grape): Lánchíd Rádió, Klub Rádió 2010

Set List

Csip csirip (Chirp)
Kicsi rigó (Little Blackbird)
Kimegyek (Going out)
Bosszúdal (Revenge song)
Elalélok (African)
Alma (Apple)
Álom (Dream)
Indulj el (Leave)
Mon amie la rose
Hordócska (Little Barrel)
Szomorú Vasárnap (Gloomy Sunday)
Szállj el (Fly away)
Kerek a szõlõ levele (Round is the leaf of the grape)
Chaos Santana
U Stankini
Nemzeti Vágta (National Gallop)
Yallah, yallah
Madárka (Birdy)
Hej búra, búra (I was born for sorrow)
Virágom (My Flower)