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Right now I do have a complete album ready for distribution, 16 songs and 2 hidden tracks as well as 5 years worth of completed songs ,lyrics and music. I do have some copies available for purchase in a local Christian music store in wilmington " The Salt Shaker" and I have an online store where music can be purchased at www.dflyentertainment.com I am also in heavy rotaion on Coast 97.3's Lime Lite special , sundays after 9pm on FM Radio.


Feeling a bit camera shy



Mark Carr aka " Flagz Da Bad Boy " was born in wilmington NC as the only son and male in his familys youngest generation at the time.
Being the only child in his household allowed him to experience unconditional love and witness how a Godly family should function.
However at just age 11 his mother died from complications following the birth of his baby brother. It was then Mark got a whole new view on a harsh reality. It turned out that his mothers death was a result of a careless mistake on the hospitals behalf , so a pretty large lawsuit began immediately and financial compensation was awarded to him and his familily. Needless to say his whole family whom he thought loved him turned their backs on him when he needed them the most. Almost none of the almost thirty members of his family ever came to so much as check up on mark after his mothers death because the money didnt fall the way they wanted it to causing serious arguments and unforgiving grudges.
It was at that point mark lost faith in the God his family called on in emergencies. ( They all went to church but did not live according to God. ) To make matters worse he learned that you couldnt trust any man any further than you could throw them.
At age 16 Mark had managed to get a job a Checkers fast food restrurant where he worked for 5.15 an hour taking the bus back and forth to work. With no help, although his stepfather owned a car and was retired, he often walked close to three miles a day when his check was spent on bus fare and food. Realizing that he wasnt getting much help taking care of himself other than four walls and a bed, Mark ran away, and went to live with his cousin in an abandaned shack owned by his grandfather. It was a little rough with broken windows, no electricity and no running water but it was freedom from a home where your gaurdien is never home , barely in town without your knowlege, and leaves no way to contact him. It was then at the maturing age Mark began looking for the reason we as life were created in the first place and who or what created us? At first he thought that regaurdless of what created us that maybee the Goal in life was to be happy until you died, so he began searching for a woman he might one day make his wife and start a family with, ( while trying to make money ofcourse). Living with an older female cousin, who had many sexy and trifflin' female friends, made it easy for mark ,who was always a bit mature for his age , to date older women and learn what it took to gain the hearts ( and draws ) of women from all walks of life. While in highschool on his eighteenth birthday mark was given enough money to buy a house built from the ground up and a brand new suv so thats what he did! while still in highschool. He then combined his money with the charm he learned from his Lady friends to become a highschool celebrity and very successful playa.
It was at this moment while in a weight lifting class Mark realized that not even being rich and popular could satisfy his need for a purpose in a purposeless life. at the thought of this mark was depressessed and desided not to work out on this day and sat on the steps alone contemplating life. While he sat there a young woman came to talk to him about his situation and attempt to cheer him up. They realized they had a lot in common and became good friends, eventually the young lady introduced him to her cousin who would one day be his wife. Although this story may seem somewhat ordinary , It turns out that these two girls where " church girls " and were singing in their own cortet group. While dating the young ladies cousin, " Shanel " , Mark was still dating other hot girls and running the streets. Engaging in everything from strip clubs to drugs and even run ins with the cops. Although Mark was more into sex than breaking the law. It was one Friday night when mark was at the home of one of his many lady friends that he was introduced to weed aka marijuana, not getting much of a buzz after the first bag he and his instructer continued to smoke way beyond the limits of a first time weed smoker. The first time he got high was the first time he realized that he could actually loose control of his own mind and therefore could loose his life at any moment at the hands of anyone or anything and no one could stop it until it was too late. after that day mark began to have symptoms of high anxiety, which made his brain reproduce the feelings he experienced when he was high, in other words he felt like he was alwayz high without smoking. when he did come down he was immediately depressed and afraid, especially now that he was living alone in a huge empty home with no roomates and no real friends or family. But he continued to date and spend money like water on impressing the ladies. One day he began to get so physicly sick that he could no longer hold down food and couldnt leave the house, infact the only one who came to see about