Flake Brown

Flake Brown


Captain Beefheart sings Ivor Cutler in the style of John Fahey


A Decade ago, Flake Brown (a.k.a Tony Ramsay) was ready to give up his guitar and everything he had, and float off into the uper ether with only a tin whistle for company. Fortunatly, a phone call from his one true love brought him back to earth, and since then he has continued to develop his prodigious guitar technique, as well as continuing to delve deep into the nether regions of his psyche for his surreal outbursts of song. He draws inspiration from a mind-boggingly wide range of music, from the country blues picking of Mississippi John Hurt, through Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, right through to schmaltzy '50s doo wop. He performs with the manic energy of a speeding octopus, and sings like a 700 year old troubadour!


Help The Overdog(Cd Album) Autumn Ferment Records
'Bucketful of fools' and 'The Round World' were played for two months on Dandelion Radio.

Set List

Average set length: 30-40mins (all original songs)
Oh look
The Gypsey Rove
My Rubber Nancy
She sits and weaves
The Round World
Bucketfull of fools
The Scorpion Coughs
The rocking Chair
The Weathercatcher