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Serving all original, hip hop, R&B and urban music to the 'underground' for some time now. Flame 1 aka J. Flizzo is on the rise up! The Ill On Da Low Vol. 1&2 (2006, 2009) show and proves the envelope still moving forward. Giving us a taste of a brand new sound and lyrics worth singing along to!


Since the early 90's Flame 1 embarked on a musical career writing hooks for his own works starting with the Ill On Da Low mixtape series. Collaborating with local music lovers to sharpen his pen game and shortly after learning the tricks in the trade of music production. Flame 1 then added his own touch to his newly found love of creating to what is now called J. Flizzo production.

With 2 mixtapes in and one on the way, he has shown his growth and broad taste in all genre's of music making. Flame 1 has an EP on arrival titled 'The Official: My past & present' which showcases the one-man bands work in songwriting, music production and engineering by mixing and mastering his own work in this effort.

The EP gives us incite on the man himself as he lyrically weaves in and out of masterfully crafted production on tracks like 'High Class' and 'To my Bro', which is an ode to his late brother in which the track is dedicated to. A club banger as soon as the first synth notes hit 'Justlikedat' is sure to get bodies moving on any given dance floor!

With tasteful, new music production on the horizon from Flame 1 aka J.Flizzo, music can take a breathe of fresh air to this newly found creativity!!!!


Enter da future feat. Dee Burrowz

Written By: Marquis Miller, Daniel Skeens

(DB)Futurez finest, gotta keep the grind going,
Everytime we do this music, know we gotta stay focused
,Futurez finest , listen to the script while we flip these hits like an acrobatic,
(Flame 1)Futurez finest, gotta keep the grind going, hit them with some lines, making sure it'll be mind blowing, Futurez finest, gotta keep the rhymes tight, illondalow now we in the limelight..


2003-06 ill on da low mixtape vol 1
2008-09 ill on da low mixtape vol 2 'ondariseup'
2013 My past, present & Futurez Finest

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