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Flameing Daeth Fearies

North Little Rock, AR, USA | Established. Jan 01, 2003

North Little Rock, AR, USA
Established on Jan, 2003
Band Rock Pop




"Local Sounds: Flameing Daeth Fearies"

In a land of mediocre music, one band stands as the shiny example that punk will never die and still reigns. That band is the Flameing Death Fearies. FDF serve as the first band to be spotlighted in my revitalization of the “Local Sounds” based on the sheer awesomeness of their band. To grab my attention as much as these guys have is really something because anyone will who knows me will tell you that rap is my preferred genre of music. However, FDF have showed me that I can enjoy rock music from time to time, and I have also come to realize that I quite a bit actually. Now FDF have been doing this quite some time now, but I am just now jumping on board and hearing about them. I can tell you it only took me about 10 seconds into my first FDF performance to fall in love.

I recently sat down with the band and had an hour long conversation that was quite possibly the best interview I have ever had. The guys are as amazing off stage as they are on stage, and that was surprising to me. The band is only a three piece band, which I found very different, but great. Rusti Majere, the guitarist and lead vocalist, founded the band about 11 years ago. “It was a night of drunken debauchery,” Rusti tells me as he speaks about the night the band was started. He goes on to tell me how the name Flameing Daeth Fearies was thought of, “The name itself is based on my self-deprecating humor. A lot of people called me gay in high school. I’m not gay, I love gay people, I have a lot of gay friends, but I’m not gay. Initially we called ourselves Flameing Fearies.” Rusti and the original band played for a while under that name, playing house shows before moving on to the club scene. The guys found that it was hard to get gigs because during the time the Arkansas music scene was booking metal, country or cover bands. So they kind of cheated the system by changing the name of the band. “So we were like ok, let’s act like we are a death metal band and we will call ourselves Flameing Daeth Fearies and it worked. We didn’t talk about what music we were going to play, we just have our name and they we will show up on time. But yeah that’s where the name came from, making fun of myself and Little Rock, all at the same time,” he says as he gives a laugh.

As I said there are three band members. Joined with Rusti are Raptorr Zeus (drums, backup vocals) and Kloptimus Prime (bass, backup vocals). Like most bands, members have come and gone. Actually, KP is the newest member, just recently replacing Ginger Hiro right before their show at the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop Ceremony here in Arkansas, which was put on by Natural State of Music. You can see Ginger in the current music videos on their YouTube page. Fun fact: KP actually filmed all the music videos, so he was cool with the band for about 6 months before taking up the role of bassist. What is a band without their manager though? FDF are managed by Veronica Wirges and she does an excellent job, and has been keeping all their ducks in a row for about 8 years now. Veronica, or Zombie Hunter V, also does the lights for the band. Yes folks, I said lights. You really have to catch a FDF show to understand what a marvel this 5K watt spectacle really is. That’s not all, did I mention dancers? Yes, the boys are joined by the Feary Doom Squad Dancers known as Vixxy Chan and Ducky Tails. The girls come out on various songs with coordinated dance routines that add to the show. The lights, dancing, along with some costumes and more add to a grand show besides just playing music. Most bands are just there to play you some music, but Flameing Daeth Fearies will actually ENTERTAIN you, which in my mind puts them ahead of the crowd.

While a show is all good, you still have to have great music. Luckily, FDF has music for everyone. They have punk rock, groovy, pop, and even some rap with help from local rapper Uno Di’or. You name it the Fearies can provide. What I enjoy about their music is the comedic feel to most of it, while still having amazing music. You can see the influence from Dead Kennedys, Dead Milkmen, Blink 182, The Get Up Kids and more as you dive into the collection of songs. Now of course I have my favorites. “Why Oh Why” is probably my favorite songs, with Rusti singing about the troubles of not being able to land himself a black girl. See what I mean about humor? The aforementioned collaboration with Uno is “Can I Get a Brohoof?” which is a new gem that I just discovered the other day. Other great songs include “I Love You Bailey Jay,” “Potatoe,” “Red Hot Vulcan Love,” and the newest music video “Bad Bromance.” Yes, that may be a parody of some song that isn’t nearly as good as this one from FDF.

At the end of the day, the guys are all pretty normal, good hearted, decent people. Well, better than decent I would say. They maintain a professional attitude at all times and that’s why so many members are no longer around, they get too caught up trying to live the “rockstar life.” Rusti has been playing guitar for 22 years, has influences like Nine Inch Nails, Led Zepplin and Black Sabbath, and wanted to just start a band playing whatever came to him without it being limited to structure or anything like that. Rusti thought it was funny because what he got was “groovy, tightly structured punk rock.” The other guys are great too. Raptorr started playing drums 11 years ago because of his best friend and has influences like Slipknot and Sevendust. KP has been playing 7 years and has influences such as Buckethead and Flying Concords (he’s only 18 by the way!). I was a huge fan of the band before my sit down. Afterwards I became fans of them as people and they all have my utmost respect.

The band has been hard at work fine tuning their double album “Winnar Winnar Chicken Dinner” which splits their more pop-ish songs from the saltier, heavier songs. All the currents songs out are being remastered for the album. I know that I gushed and fanboyed just a tad, but I really do enjoy Flameing Daeth Fearies. I rarely like rock music, but these guys have really won me over. I’m sure this won’t be the last time you hear about them on my blog. Check out all the links below to find their music and social networking pages. Listen to the music and enjoy yourself, and seriously, go see a show. I promise you won’t see anything else like it around here.

www.soundcloud.com/flameingdaethfearies - CK Helms

"Recommended Flameing Daeth Fearies, R Type Final"

The band also comes with a 5,000-watt light show, and fog and bubble machines. "It's basically as much Trans-Siberian Orchestra as we could fit in a Dodge Sprinter," says Rusti Majere, singer and guitarist. FDF thrashes and bashes through each set with the Feary Doom Squad, its troupe of dancing girls. You have to see this one - The Pitch

"Grateful Web Interview with Little Rock's Flameing Daeth Fearies"

"show that will blow your pants off – and probably any other clothing you're wearing that night. When Little Rock's Flameing Daeth Fearies put on a show, they go all out (and all in). The band’s music is a combination of pop and rock, with undertones of punk, funk, heavy and bubble gum; and their fashion style isn’t complete without costumes, fuzzy angel wings, dancers and rainbows... Combining cabaret, punk, various genres, costumes, light shows, bubbles and all sorts of hullabaloo, FDF are probably one of the most outright entertaining bands Fayetteville has had on the schedule in a while." - Grateful Web

"Fun found in Fayetteville a la concerts"

bring with them a grab-bag of music spanning genres, dorky humor, sexy ladies, and of course good time rock ‘n roll to give you what they call the ‘gaudiest show on Earth.” Don’t miss it and give yourself an eyefull - The Current

"Weekend Scenester Picks"

Our favorite (and most bizarre) discovery of the New Year so far is, hands-down, Arkansas' Flameing Daeth Fearies...Sounds a bit like a Flaming Lips show without the hefty price tag! - The Larryville Chronicles

"Flameing Daeth Fearies @ The Bottleneck"

" Saturday night’s set by the Flameing Daeth Fearies felt like it was ready for an arena tour... the Flameing Daeth Fearies rocked everyone musically and visually. The Arkansas band’s pop-punk-classic rock style was accompanied with a stage set up that felt like a party including lights, bubble machines, costumes and back up dancers." - iheartlocalmusic

"Who are these Faries?"

"We were all blown away by this little unknown Little Rock, Ark. comedy, rock, trippy, punk band “Flameing Daeth Fearies”" - Revolutuck

"Song of the Day: Flameing Daeth Fearies “Four Weeks Later”"

"These guys are really doing something different. I got a chance to see them a while back at Rocktoberfest and they rocked. They’re kind of like The Misfits meets Boy George… or maybe The Sex Pistols meets The Cure. Probably not. Anyway, here’s Little Rock’s Flameing Daeth Fearies with Four Weeks Later. Please “share.”" - Your Band is Balls.com

"Get on Sound Cloud and Get Discovered By New Fans!"

"Flameing Daeth Fearies, a wonderful punk/pop/rock group that wears wings and tutus onstage and cranks out some sweet danceable silliness that you're gonna love." - Arkansite

"Friday To-Do: Flameing Daeth Fearies, Glittercore"

"Flameing Daeth Fearies has all the subtlety of a screaming, drunken frat bro streaking the quad with a fifth of vodka in one hand and half-inflated blow-up doll in the other. But you know what? There's a time and place for everything, and sometimes that dude is the exact dude you want at your party. You know, to liven things up and make everyone laugh while also invading their personal space and making them feel a just a tiny bit uncomfortable. " - Arkansas Times

"Nobunny, Bad Sports and Flameing Daeth Fearies at Stickyz"

"they sound like early Blink 182 or maybe a gag-laden version of the Get-up Kids. They look like a cross between a Japanese cartoon and a Brittney Spears video, and they go out of their way to stage a production. Last night’s set included lit-up props, dancers in fuzzy costumes (furrydom, anyone?), amp-hopping and rock-star posturing." - Arkansas Times

"Don't Fear the Fearies"

"Doesn’t some pop music need a little humor? Certainly. And the cabaret punk rocking Fearies — new drummer Jo Bob along with Rusti Majere on vocals and guitar, Ginger Hiro on bass, keyboards, horns and backing vocals, and Mjr. Frel E. Cracklins also on drums — deliver a healthy dose of humor in their poppy anthems. There are double entendres and witty lines galore. Tons of pop culture references. Internet-meme jokes. All this fun ends up in the songs. Perhaps a parody called “Bad Bromance” or a true-life-tale-turned-jungle-punk-rager titled “Stole My Bike.”" - Sync Weekly

"Punks With Fuzzy Wings"

Punks With Fuzzy Wings
By Shea Stewart
Wednesday, August 26, 2009

LITTLE ROCK — Who are the Flameing Daeth Fearies? The North Little Rock cabaret punk rock band is composed of three members: Rusti Majere on guitar and lead vocals, Keyng Wawful on bass, and Snakey the Sneaky on drums and vocals. Real names are hidden behind humorous, carefully selected personas and wild costumes, and the band generally goes by first names only.

Rusti is the de facto leader, dressed for an interview in a "Hess is my homeboy" T-shirt and sporting pink, fuzzy wings. Keyng is decked out in an all-white, milkman's uniform, like a Leave It to Beaver extra except for the angelic, white wings. (His name is derived from a series of photographs during one drunken, late-night adventure with Keyng sporting a paper Waffle House hat.)

And Snakey?

"Snakey the Sneaky is completely Id driven," the drummer said.

The bearded Snakey mans the drum set sporting pink- and black-striped zebra boots, a tutu and Jackie O shades.

"It's the most roomy and freeing outfit to play drums in ever," he said.

All three members of the Flameing Daeth Fearies either grew up or spent the majority of their life in and around North Little Rock or Little Rock. The origins of the band stretches back seven years ago playing house parties with Rusti as the only constant member. Since adding bassist Keyng and Snakey, Flameing Daeth Fearies have graduated to playing venues such as the Revolution Music Room, Juanita's and even opening for Muck Sticky at Memphis' legendary New Daisy Theater in June.

"I think that we have changed or progressed might be a better word," Snakey said. "It's become more rocking. There's more energy. I think with the entertainment value we provide it's worth it to come check us out."

The band welcomes the label of cabaret punk rock. It's punk rock with a sly sense of humor that pulls up its tutu and wades into metal, country, rock and funk territory; heavy on the comedy, pop culture and parodies of well-known tunes with crazy lyrics. The personal influences of the band range from Tool to Green Jello and GWAR, and Rage Against the Machine and Flaming Lips to Bad Religion, early Green Day, Moldy Peaches and Dead Kennedys.

"Bands that are doing things with interactive elements are interesting to me," Snakey said. "If it's interesting we like it."

If Weird Al or Andy Kaufman fronted a punk band they might record a tune such as "Tranny Granny," a parody of Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back" with lyrics such as "She's bringin' tranny back/These other grannies don't know how to act." During a live run-through of the tune Rusti coaxes a synthesizer sound out of his Epiphone Moderne - a dark sheep, stepbrother of the Gibson Flying V and Explorer with Rusti affectionately nicknaming his Gumby - by channeling it through his POD XT Live tone machine.

"I wanted something that sounded like a keyboard," Rusti said. "Something that was a little less crunchy, a little less industrial."

A tune such as "The Dolphin Song" is an acoustic, countryesque ode to a lover leaving her man for a dolphin while "4 Weeks Later" is a tale of weed loving with stuttering New Wavish power chords and a rumbling punk rhythm.

"I think we're different from the other local bands," Rusti said. "I think we have more fun than other bands."

Catching the Flameing Daeth Fearies live is unlike any other Little Rock musical experience. The trio is known for their event live shows, such as A Very Feary Valentine's Day and A Very Feary Christmas - with presents given away to attendees - and their stage show that has included rolling Keyng out on a gold toilet dressed as Elvis Presley.

"I think that's what we shoot for: What makes us laugh; what makes other people laugh," Snakey said. "Sometimes people think: 'Are these guys serious? What am I supposed to think about these guys?' We get a lot of reactions."

Besides the wings and costumes, Snakey's drum set is decorated in what is best described as a cross between a Mardi Gras float and the fur of a skinned Animal, the Muppet drummer for Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem.

"It started out for the shock value and evolved from there," Keyng said.

But the campy lyrics, wild stage antics and weirdly wonderful costumes are secondary to the music generated by the Flameing Daeth Fearies.

"I get sick of punk bands with no stage show," Rusti said. "We have so much fun playing those shows. It's not serious, but it's professional. We're having a lot of fun."

Throughout the band's history, the Flameing Daeth Fearies have released seven CDs and are in the process of recording their newest album, Brown Town: The Musical, with plans to hit the road for some extensive touring through the end of the year.

"I think it's hard to convey what we are just by listening to a CD," Rusti said. "I hope to get across that we're fun, but we have a lot of talent. We can bust out the jams.

"We're going to go afte - Sync Weekly

"HellaMetal CD Review"

Review by Skullcrusher
February 2009

Flameing Daeth Fearies
Mispelling is Intenshunal

Punk is not my forte, but this cd gave me a boner. It's a clever mix of Gwar, Foo Fighters & Cat Stevens, with just a hint of Paris Hilton. Their live show involves fuzzy pink flip-flops, songs about cocksucking, and a dancing banana. You can't really go wrong with that. Look for a new album soon. HORNS UP!! - Little Rock Free Press

"Exclusive Interview With the Flameing Daeth Fearies!"

Exclusive Interview With the Flameing Daeth Fearies!
Posted by Payaso
November 09, 2009

There are a few of you who have been fans of these guys for years. There are others, Like me, who checked out their Myspace page and were left wondering what the fuck you just witnessed. Since these guys are going to be opening up for the Insane Clown Posse on Nov. 22, I figured I should sit down and talk to them to figure out what they are all about. I got that and much much more. This is only the parts of the conversation that I could later decipher due to the coma inducing contact high that I obtained.

AJF: Who makes up the band?

FDF: Rusti McFuckface, Snakey the Sneaky, and Keyng Wawful

AJF: How would you describe your music?

FDF: Cabaret Punk Rock. Think Presidents of United States on XTC who wanna take you to a gay bar in a totally hetrosexual way.

AJF: Do you guys consider yourselves Juggalos?

FDF: I have never been able to Juggle, I tried juggling women once... They tied me to a bed with whipped creme and a cherry on my junk and left me for my parents to find. I do like ICP though, and didn't tire of RingMaster during my almost 3 hours of waiting for the rents.

AJF: How did you come to be booked to open for I.C.P.? Did you contact them, or vise versa?

FDF: Saw the show and had our manager contact the entertainment agency. We had to wait for approval by ICP, which made it that much sweeter getting the gig.

AJF: How did you name the band? Is there some special signifigance to the name?

FDF:Well during a night of debauchery, the concept of the band was invented. The inebriated members at the time wrote down the name of the band with different mispellings unintentionally. The next morning we picked out the worst and put them together. We added Daeth later to make us sound less like gay dudes. Did it work?

AJF: Have you ever played with other majorly famous bands?

FDF: A few... Dirt Nasty and Muck Sticky. We love opening up for these awesome acts - their fans really get us. It seems the bigger the act is the more down to earth and cool they are to us. Opening up for the big guys is a great experience and we are lucky to have the support from local promoters and fans to have this opportunity.

AJF: Who do you most enjoy playing with?

FDF: Honestly we have played with some amazing bands, from local to national. Playing with bands that have lots of showmanship and talent is the most rewarding. Muck Sticky stands out right now. Locally - Go Fast, Ginsu Wives, Rigby Fawkes, Kyoto Boom and Androids of Ex-Lovers. I feel like I am leaving folks out, but that is what comes to mind right now.

AJF: What do you want to say to the Juggalo Community?

FDF: Good afternoon. Hope you like Dick and Fart jokes, video games, and led induced seizures.

AJF: Anything you want to plug? Another show, or an album?

FDF: There are many thing we would like to plug, single ladies please visit Keyng Wawful - have id's ready (not making that mistake again). Actually we will have some merch available at the show and in December we will be hosting the second annual A Very Feary Christmas at Juanita's. We will have a present for every presale ticket for this over the top Christmas extravaganza.

Then, just as I thought the interview couldn't get anymore uncomfortable, they all started babbling incoherently. All that I could decipher was: Oh and... Bands, Bands, Bands, Bands, TACOS!

It's really awesome that ICP has such a dedicated fan base, I would love to have a network like this supporting us someday. Owning several CDs this will be my first show to make, and I have heard how amazing it will be - see you in 13.

I was originally worried that these guys would'nt fit into the juggalo crowd, but after this interview, I am completely positive that the A-State juggalo community will welcome these crazy fucks with arms wide open.
- Arkansas Juggalo Family


Unabashed - TBA

Winnar Winnar 1/1/2014

Chikkn Dinnar 1/1/2014

A Very Feary X-Mas 12/01/2012

Lightish Red 10/01/2010



Flameing Daeth Fearies sound blends genres while embracing nerdcore culture.  The band was founded in 2003 by singer/songwriter Rusti Majere, who was quickly joined by Zombie Hunter V with visual elements.  The band established itself in the local scene, surprising crowds with their flair for the unexpected.  This set up the band for a quick evolution of sound and style, blending all the elements that connected with fans.  The act developed a very tongue-in-cheek attitude with their sound and visuals.  This helped to build a solid core of FDF fans in central Arkansas with events such as A Very Feary X-Mas and A Very Feary VD while opening up for countless national acts such as ICP, Foxy Shazam, and Dirt Nasty.

The band continued to pick up members along the way.  Raptorr Zeus and Kloptumis Prime joined the act and locked in almost instantly to create a solid backbone that the show had been searching for.  This freed Rusti to create a diversity of music, and inspired Zombie Hunter V to build an even bigger production with light design. Vixxy Chan and Ducky Tails both fell in love with the music and pulled together the whole act by bringing back the interactive element of the band with dancing, percussion, and crowd interaction.
In 2013, the band launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund taking their show on the road.  Fans rallied not just locally, but from all over the world, purchasing preordered music, exclusive merchandise, and guest star spots in music videos.  The band played regionally, introducing their live show to Kansas, Tennessee, Missouri, and Oklahoma, playing bars, conventions, and festivals.  FDF finished out the year of 2013 as a featured performer in the Natural State of Music's First Inaugural New Year's Eve Ball Dropping Celebration.
Last year, Flameing Daeth Fearies was selected as a semifinalist in the Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase and were featured in a showcase during Austin Music Week.  The band has been featured for two years consecutively at AnimeCon Arkansas and Pridefest Little Rock. The band has released garage recordings in the past and will be releasing it's first professional produced release, Unabashed, at the end of 2015. 

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