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Flamenco Caravan music is made up of Latin/Jazz/Gospel with an underlying taste of flamenco. The two CDs currently offered by the Caravan have won top marks on CBC across the country and sold through out the world. Opening for America, Colin James, Paul Shauffer just to name a few top acts.


Flamenco Caravan, while being true to flamenco forms, also blends the band members’ favourite musical influences of Latin, jazz, rock, sacred and blues, capturing the imagination of the soul through guitar, rhythm and song. Between lightning-speed guitar flourishes, melting vocals, and the entire band’s driving and grooving rhythms and electric chemistry, audience members of every age have been won over. The music has been described as "world-class", "beautiful and magical", "moving", "amazing in its variety" and "alternately soothing and stirring to the soul". The comment most often offered to the band after a performance is, "I couldn’t sit still! I just wanted to get up and dance!"

Formed in 1999, Flamenco Caravan has evolved to include Esteban Figueroa on lead guitar, Susanna DiGiuseppe on keyboards and vocals, Tony Agostino on rhythm guitar, Jim Differ on drums and percussion, and Greg McIntosh on bass. Often additional musicians on percussion, backing vocals, trumpet and other instruments add to the band’s full sound.

The group has opened for acts such as Colin James, Jeff Healey, Paul Shaffer and America, and their performances at the 2006 Owen Sound, Red Rock and Cambridge folk festivals garnered rave reviews and standing ovations.

In 2005, Flamenco Caravan recorded "Love’s Philosophy" and launched the CD on October 7th at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium to an 800+ audience. General Manager of the auditorium, Bob Halverson, commented: "That, in my mind, was one of the finest shows I’ve ever seen in that building. You expect someone on the international stage to be good, but when you find someone in Thunder Bay who is as good or better, that ices it for you."

Flamenco Caravan has been interviewed by CBC radio at the local and national levels. Its music has been successfully auditioned by the CBC (Toronto) and distributed to its libraries nationwide. In addition, "Love’s Philosophy" was named a top 13 CD pick of 2006 by CBC Radio Music Resources out of an estimated 800 other CD's submitted in 2006.

Flamenco Caravan is excited to be releasing its second CD entitled "Alchemy" in a concert at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium on April 28, 2007. They also look forward to performing at the 2007 Ottawa Jazz Festival on June 27.

Look us up on Youtube.com under Flamenco Caravan to view some performances.



Written By: Susanna DiGiuseppe


In a pretty quiet country corner of the world
Lives a certain trouble-set-to-happen kind of girl

Restless for amusement, leaves her books upon the shelf
Posing every moment for a picture of herself

Given half a chance
She’ll be reckless in romance

Eager to be loved
Just to rise above
In society

Oh, she has her fun
And the laugh’s on everyone
She’s preening to the tune
Of her certain ruin
She’s whistling a song


She doesn’t have a clue
Lydia, Lydia
She doesn’t have a clue to what she’s done

She never feels a fool
Lydia, Lydia
Happy in her own oblivion


Happy, preening, laughing, gallivanting in her own oblivion


CD - Alchemy - Flamenco Caravan - 2007
CD - Love's Philosophy - FLamenco Caravan - 2005

Set List

1st Set

Moliendo Cafe (4:00)
Dream to Go (3:50)
Love's Philosophy (4:30)
Camino Mallarauco (3:30)
Echoes (5:20)
Musica Es Vida (4:40)
Children of a new Day (5:10)
Don't you worry (4:30)
Quillota (3:30)
Spain (5:30)

2nd Set

Alegria (3:30)
Buleria (4:50)
Farewell to Baghdad (4:00)
Aires de Cuba (4:20)
Mi amore (4:00)
Grace (5:00)
Bossa Chilena (3:30)
Angels on the run (7:00)
Vermouth Bianco (4:40)

All songs, except Spain-by chick corea, are originals