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FLAMILIA consist of two cousins hailing from the capital of the Sunshine State, Florida. The name of the group is a hybrid of the words "flame" and "familia". Their music is radio-accessible with a concentration on lyrics. Their music focuses on the trials and tribulations of the everyday person.


FLAMILIA represents perseverance. Starting as a five-man piece in 2001, Raven Oct. and Enigma Sept. decided to keep the flame burning after the three other members succumbed to life's circumstances. After working with a few local producers, FLAMILIA decided to take the bull by its horns and go for self.

However, FLAMILIA knew they would need help. So they formed DA NETTWERK, a collective of MC's who had the same vision for making catchy, yet lyrical-driven rap music. THE NETTWERK was named after AL-Qaeda network and designed to act accordingly. The aim was to create a de-centralized force to attack the music industry with explosive music.

FLAMILIA and the NETTWERK dropped three (3) mix tapes from 2003-2005 (Unnecessary Mix Flames Vo. 1, 2, and 3). FLAMILIA performed at a showcase for WANM 90.5 (named the No. 2 college radio station in the country in 2006). They performed at the launch party for a local television show, appearing on the show’s initial broadcast. They also performed at a FAMU homecoming party for local teens. The show was hosted by DJ Lil’ Boy who currently DJ’s for superstar T-Pain.

After dealing with hitting hard financial times and the death of their beloved uncle (a rapper himself), FLAMILIA bounced back at the end of 2006 with a new mix tape, "The Passion of the Crisis". After compiling over one hundred twenty (120) songs, they are currently working on two more mix tapes, “F*ck B*tches, Get Money Vol. 1” and “The Essence”. FLAMILIA also won a part of the grand prize in a showcase in 2007. The showcase was created by Ashani “The Mad Violinist” Floyd. Floyd has worked with T-Pain, The LOX’s Styles P, G-Unit’s Young Buck and GRAMMY-winning production crew The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League.

Enigma September and Raven October are more than just unique stage names. Raven and Enigma were born two weeks apart and are both Libras. Enigma is a September Libra (Sept. 27th) and Raven is an October Libra (Oct. 11th). Raven is a dedication to his mother, who’s childhood nickname was Crow. The name Enigma contains his initials (EGN).

All of FLAMILIA’s music can be found at: http://www.soundclick.com/flamilia


Unnecessary MixFlames Vol. 1-3 (mixtape)
Passion of the Crisis (mixtape)
The Essence (mixtape)

Set List

Get Your Feet Wet, Crush on You, Guess Who's Back feat. Young Frequency and Dermo, Passion of the Crisis, Walk to the Bus Stop, Crank it Up, Shawty Fly, I Wanna Be With You

30 minutes set.