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Flamingo Bay

Toronto, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Toronto, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Alternative




"Canadian Beats - Flamingo Bay"

By: Lizzie Sharpe

Album – Steak And Eggs
Release Date – April 21, 2015
iTunes Link – https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/steak-n-eggs/id983042444
Genre – Rock

Flamingo Bay is a Rock band from Hamilton, Ontario. The band consists of three members Kris Gies – The Bass/Vocals, Vince Rankin – Drums/Vocals, and Dillon Henningson – Guitar/Vocals.

Flamingo Bay is releasing their second full length album called ‘Steak And Eggs’. They have released their first album called ‘Loco Pony’ in 2012, which has gotten many positive feedback from fans. Steak And Eggs is an album that is said to take the listener to the ages of Rock and a fix of the present day.

I have listened to the full length album and have picked out some of my favorite songs off of it. The first song I fully enjoyed is called ‘Checkout Line’. It starts out with the lead singer counting into to the start of the song which gives it an exciting feeling. The chorus is upbeat and the instrument break afterwards gives the song that rock sound that all rock fans will enjoy. The second song I fully enjoyed is called ‘Steak N’ Eggs. It is the last song on the album and it is another upbeat song that will keep the listener fully entertained and engaged in the song.

Overall the album has a fantastic flow of rock and is very consists to keeping the same sound though out. I fully recommend taking a listen to the album, you will be surprised at how much you will enjoy it.

Rating: 4/5

Connect with Flamingo Bay
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flamingobaymusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealFlamingoBay
Website: http://www.flamingobaymusic.com/ - Canadian Beats

"Listen With Monger - Flamingo Bay"


Flamingo Bay - Killer Flamingo Bay

Flamingo Bay - Killer Flamingo Bay

Release Date: Out Now

Time for a little slacker grunge pop? Oh go on then. Flamingo Bay hail from Hamilton and their sleazy, lazy riffs are the perfect soundtrack to a video that might be titled confessions of a pizza delivery boy....but it isn't. The band's latest single, 'Killer Flamingo Bay', is a heady mix of the Lemonheads, Silverchair and the Dirty Nil as the scuzzy guitars and loose drums provide a comfy bed for the drawled vocals to lie down and take a nap on. These guys will throw killer after show parties and will be a blast to hang out with on the tour bus, that's for sure, but don't ever, ever lend them any money. It's just a feeling I get. Great single though.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/flamingobaymusic?fref=ts

Watch The Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhXwJSxqiNQ

Live Dates:

24th April - This Ain't Hollywood, Hamilton

3rd July - Bovine Sex Club, Toronto - Listen With Monger

"Deli Toronto - Flamingo Bay Steak n' Eggs"

Flamingo Báy- Steak n' Eggs

Give us some Steak n’ Eggs! Yummy, greasy, deliciousness! Flamingo Báy serves it up with their second album ‘Steak n’ Eggs’, giving us plate licking rock n’ roll goodness that has us asking for more. Keeping their raw rock n’ roll sound from their first album ‘Loco Pony’; Flamingo Bay adds a little more salt and pepper to Steak n’ Eggs. The single, “Killer Flamingo Báy”, opens with a raw vocal that rhythms its way to body swaying bass tones, hard hitting drum beats and guitar riffs that take you for a ride.The entire album shows Flamingo Báy’s creative diverse rock n’ roll energy. Don’t miss their cd release party Friday 4/24 @ This Ain’t Hollywood… come get your Steak n’ Eggs! - The Deli Magazine

"Flamingo Bay - Chapter Two"

The introduction to Nathan "Sparky" Haakonson, the bands roadie, as well as interviews from the people who care about us the most...the fans - Youtube

"Flamingo Bay - Chapter One"

Introductory to the band - Youtube

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"LIVE! Paper Lions / Flamingo Bay / Slowstinger at Pawn Shop"

Early in October we streamed the track “Lost the War” from the Paper Lions. Then last night I managed to see them live at the Pawn Shop. It wasn’t easy, though, because first I had to race home after my day job, read a giant group paper that has to be submitted by Friday midnight, then join a conference call to discuss any changes, and then I met some friends for a beer. So by the time I got to the Pawn Shop I didn’t get to see much of the first band, Slowstinger. But from what I did catch, I didn’t miss much. The weird, thing, though, is that there were four photographers shooting them, and it dwindled down to only a pair of us by the time Paper Lions took the stage (and I didn’t recognize the other photog, but I bet I can guess where he’s from).

The next band, Flamingo Bay, was quite entertaining. They had sort of a southern rock vibe going, covered a Led Zeppelin track very adeptly, whirled through some verbose guitar riffs. Overall, sort of a mix of the Deep Dark Woods and Hollerado. Maybe not the sort of aesthetic you would’ve expected with the Paper Lions as headliners, but still, I enjoyed their set very much. And deep in the frigid throes of a cold Edmonton winter, their name will definitely bring pleasant thoughts (but we’re not there yet).

Then the headliners came on stage – Paper Lions – a quartet all the way from Prince Edward Island. A decent crowd (for a Thursday night, at any rate) had congregated by then, and the lead vocalist, who switched between guitar and keyboards, admirably led the group through their repertoire. I don’t know a lot of their material, but a friend did request a song on twitter before the show, and the band did play it. Which makes them pretty cool in my book. Seriously, though, I liked these guys a lot, catchy pop tunes that sit just on the verge of rock, and play with that line consistently. You should definitely check them out if you get a chance. And you will, because their tour continues (itinerary at the bottom). Now, let’s check out some photos shall we. - newmusicmichael.com


Flamingo Bay - Steak n Eggs -  April 21/2015

Flamingo Bay - Loco Pony - September 24/2013

Flamingo Bay EP - August 2012




Flamingo Bay plays straight up rock n roll. Nothin' too fancy. Heavy enough for the boys, rhythmic enough for the girls. That's the plan right there.

They formed in Edmonton, Alberta in 2011. However in January 2012; Dillon Henningson (guitar,vocals) and Kris Gies (the bass, vocals) decided to see what was going on in the big city of Toronto....and they almost made it. Not long after arriving in Ontario, they met drummer Vince Rankin and soon called Hamilton home.


They were quick to work releasing a self titled EP in August of 2012. After meeting Steve Bigas at Porcelain Records they decided to work with him for their first full length album "Loco Pony". The lead single "Serpentine" gained a few spins on mainstream radio around Ontario and across the Prairies....well a couple of the Prairies anyway...not sure about Manitoba.


Flamingo Bay has been stompin' around ever since ready to show what their "Northern Swamp Rock" is all about. Dig it.

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