flanelhed is an all original hard rock band.


In 1994, flanelhed began with the creative forces of a GIT grad & an unknown. Good friends since High School, Murf & Chris instantly gelled into a very dynamic writing force. Crossing styles and inspirations, they formed the band right out of the darkness. After the first live show they played, they knew they had something. The Bay Area rock scene in the mid to late 90’s was HOT…with bands, including flanelhed playing to packed houses every night. The band was growing as was the following.

In 1996 flanelhed released there first self titled cd, over the years other scattered recordings came and went. The end of the millennium brought a change to the music scene. The electric rock, slammin’ music seemed to be going extinct and was reflected in the Bay Area music scene. Murf and Chris stayed the line…did what they always did…writing songs they believe in. The styles had changed but the creativity hadn’t. They began playing with acoustic guitars, bass, drums and added keys to the mix, the sound of flanelhed was stronger than ever. In 2003 they released the acoustic cd “Little Black Dog”, with new members: established local drummer & longtime friend Vince, laying down phat grooves and satisfying dynamics &Terry, fresh in from Amsterdam, keeping it together with solid bass lines with character. flanelhed has been through many changes over the years & now with the solid rhythm section that Murf & Chris have had for the last five years, flanelhed is at there peak of musicianship & progressive songwriting & currently working on a new cd due out in late 2007.


flanelhed-"Little Black Dog" - 2003

Set List

If doing an opening set, we play around 12 original songs. When headlining we can play around 25-30 songs of which 3-4 may be covers, the rest originals.