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The 1990’s; it was the end of a big generation and the beginning of a loud one. Substance, attitude, and sheer volume made their way into the collective conscious of American rock fans. Bands like Soundgarden, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam became household names, and MTV heralded the end of an era of big hair and excess in favor of ripped jeans, boots, and FLANNEL.
Every decade has it's own unique identity. The 90's were about individual freedom The 90's were more about being yourself and, not doing the opposite of norm, but completely changing the definition of what "normal" meant.

The band Flannel derive their music from a shared love of a common songbook; one filled with the grunge-rock masterpieces they loved back then, and still to this day. It’s a powerhouse of cranked-to-ten classics every show. Never before has a band taken the last decade of great rock music, and given it to audiences until now. Experience the excitement again: Flannel ‘90s Rock Tribute.

"A rumble breaks the low-lights, as Catfish Platter plugs in his Fender bass guitar . . ." In tandem with his three bandmates, Catfish provides the killer bottom-end drive that makes grunge and alternative the rock experience it was for many of the time. Platter, a musician since he was fifteen years old, grew up in the '70s and was influenced by classic rock and '80s hard rock, but as he says, "Grunge changed my musical life," and he soon was playing in many bands in the Fort Wayne Indiana area, and the Midwest. Some call him the "Michael Anthony" of Flannel, though he has been influenced by a litany of different players from Jeff Ament to Lemmy. Catfish, known to sometimes forgo pants on stage, is the heartbeat and chugging rhythm of Flannel.

Justin Helms found the drums at an early age watching his father play in bands. A veteran of the Midwest music scene, playing in such groups as Hema-Huh, Roadhead, 24/Seven, Pretty Ugly, Rusted River and Forgiving Lilith, Justin has honed his chops as one of the premier rockers of the area. His self-described style "has always been a war between John Bonham and Neil Peart." Helms grew into the kit during the formative years of the '90s when drummers like Dave Grohl and Matt Cameron paid homage to the greats of the '70s, and his slick, aggressive style is a perfect representation of rock drumming from all corners of the genre. Justin is a powerhouse of rock proportions to be reckoned with.

Damon Watts emerged from the Westnorth music scene in the late '90s, singing and playing drums in a variety of different groups. "Watts," as he is called by the band, grew up during the '90s and sang along to every grunge hit that came across the local alternative station. Soon, Damon was singing in bands and showing off his powerful voice. In the past few years Watts has sang with several notable bands such as Lad Insane and the classic rock juggernaut, Doppelganger (a super-group of Bloomington's best players.) From Alice in Chains to The Presidents, Damon is a frontman to be seen.

Marvin Druin, a Big City resident and journeyman musician, began playing guitar at the young age of ten. Once hearing Jimi Hendrix playing The Star Spangled Banner on a late-night local television show in his hometown of Speedway, Indiana he needed a guitar in his hands. He received a Teisco electric guitar as a gift shortly after, and discovered rock and blues guitar. Over the years Marvin has played in countless bands in the Indiana area, with many national and international acts to his credit as well including: The Fortunes, Jenn Cristy, Mental Afro, and Jason Sturgeon (working closely with many of John Mellencamps's current touring band.) He has recorded extensively as a studio player, and has worked as a freelance guitarist since 2005.