Detroit, Michigan, USA

FLASHCLASH is an Indie-Electropop act specializing in mind blowing future music using psycho-electro choirs in outer space jungles through vast oceans of sound.


During 2012, FLASHCLASH has toured major markets throughout the midwest supporting their debut EP "BORN OF ASTRONAUTS." They will be releasing their first full length album on Exchange Bureau Records in March of 2013 tentatively titled "COUNTING ELECTRONIC SHEEP."

Deeply embedded in different generations and movements ahead of, before, and surrounding, FLASHCLASH studies and reconnects mixtures of psycho-electro choirs in outer space jungles through vast oceans of sound. FLASHCLASH revives perspective-changing musical intrigue, sustains emotional and visual resonance and reminds spiraling crowds of a memory not yet had with pulsating and organic-electronic anthems. Drawing comparisons to modern bands like Passion Pit and Empire of the Sun, FLASHCLASH's Born of Astronauts is equally reminiscent of 80s new wave titans Brian Eno and Talking Heads.


Born Of Astronauts EP (2011)
The Big 3 - Compilation (2012)
Counting Electronic Sheep LP (2013)

Set List

Vapor Clouds
Rise of the Renting Class
Just Add An Ellipsis
Master Fader
Mazzei Formation
Don't Let Them In
Schizophrenic Chemistry
East Tokyo
Dress Me Up in Glass
Magic Morning Serenade
Turns Around the Sun
My Equal
Fabric of Time
Photographs Replace Memories
Without Enough Plutonium
Luna was an Orchid