Flash Gordman

Flash Gordman


Catchy Rock and R&B based pop songs filled to the brim with sassy vocal harmonies and guitar shred!


Flash Gordman consists of 7 members singers Jordan & Justin, rapper Impakt, drummer Chris C, bassist Dave Goldfarb and 2 of the best guitarists alive today Slick Chris and Matt Sullivan. Their music is up beat and fun… Originally all of the songs that FG recorded had samples in them until… Slick Chris came in the mix and added his wild ass guitar skills to most of the tracks. But before FG was created Impakt, Justin and Jordan enjoyed making hip-hop music together as well. Because of the hip hop background you will definitely hear a strong hip hop influence and not just because of the rhyming but the drums were all programmed on the MPC. Flash Gordman is a new sound and we hope that you all love the music. PEACE!!


The Great Ones - Forthcoming Full Legnth

Set List

Hola Bonita
Neighbor Love
Electric Woman
Outta My Mind
Get Away
Falling In Love Again
You Ain't My Main Girl
New Love
Take It Higher
Mean Shoe Game