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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | AFM

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | AFM
Band Folk Pop


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"A definition of the beautiful songstress, sweet-voiced, uplifting in the most powerful way. Radiating elegant beauty, evoking a heart-wrenching introspection that makes you long for a lost love. The accompaniment, led by music soulmate Ben Whiteley, meshes touching acoustic-ballads with upbeat roots-country vigor, guiding this effortless folk-hued ship to shore."
-Lonely Vagabond (Exclaim Magazine Blog)

- Exclaim Magazine

The opening track of �Flashlight Radio� builds from an atmospheric country intro into a driving climax that pulls the listener into a world of northern skies and moonlight. �Let it Go� comes in soft and strong in it�s lyrical content highlighting the song�s introspection and the band�s intricate harmonies that are most apparent in the chorus. �Black and White� and �Constellations� are both similar in form as the instrumentation swells toward their dramatic conclusions. The energetic �Leaving� followed by �Avoiding You� are breaths of fresh air to the EP, as they break from the shared tempo of the prior songs. Wilde�s airy voice compliments Flashlight Radio�s urban country sensibility helping to create a thoughtful, heart-felt collection of songs from start to finish. -J.Marton - Electrik Press

Flashlight Radio shines on the Elmocombo
by Gayle Hurmuses....

Flashlight Radio is a great band...before I get into any digressions; I want to say that right up front. They're awesome. Suzy Wilde has a voice like an angel and great vocal technique, both she and Ben are outstanding players and Shawn Rompre is rock steady on the drums....and they write great songs. The night I saw them, they were joined by Suzy's sister, Maddie Wilde, of ....Spiral.. ..Beach...., (performing very different material from the rocking out music she plays in her regular band) and Dan Roth, who performs a lot as both a solo artist and with a few other local groups.

As honoured as I was to be asked by Ben to review his band, it was also pretty intimidating at a certain level. I've known Ben Whitely for most of his life and nearly half of mine.... I've been a fan of his dad and his uncle...and his cousins, all of whom I know and have worked with in the past in one way or another...I've filmed them or photographed them, or worked on a show they performed in...and I've also photographed Suzy Wilde's mom Nancy White too, for Celtic Envy...and photographed her and her sister, Maddie with their mom after the shoot...and their dad, Doug Wilde, is one of....Canada....'s best known composers...and Shawn Rompre is a second generation musician too. Flashlight Radio is more than just a band...it's a merger of Great Canadian Musical Dynasties.

It's harder than you might think to contemplate giving an honest review under these circumstances.

Fortunately for me, when it came down to the night of the show, I was completely taken by the fact of how solid they were, both as individual musicians and as an ensemble. You know it's a great show when you are watching people you know up on stage and all you can think about is what an awesome band you're hearing.....

The set was one musical present after another, the lovely vocal harmonies, particularly between Suzy and Maddie, the mini set with only the core members of Ben, Suzy and Shawn...their version of Neil Young's Don't Let It Bring You Down, which completely blew me away. I'd say that they rocked, but that's not what their sound is about...they sure are smooth though.....

I'm a photographer really and not a music reviewer, and not a musician ...I can't qualify my appreciation for this show by making well-informed comment about specifics of musical technique displayed by the band, except in the most general terms...That said though, I've seen literally thousands of bands and have worked with many of the best in Canadian music. I know quality, I'm not easy to impress, and I won't commend something I don't really like.

Flashlight Radio impressed me. I really liked them.

see full reivew here: http://www.indiecan.com/reviews.htm - IndieCan

Flashlight Radio
(independent) BY JORDAN BIMM
Suzy Wilde is the driving force behind local indie folk outfit Flashlight Radio. The daughter of celebrated songwriter and CBC favourite Nancy White and older sister to Spiral Beach’s Maddy Wilde, she’s also a member of local folkies StoneFox. Here, along with accomplished bassist Ben Whiteley, she targets the pop-centric singer/songwriter set and delivers seven strong country-tinged tunes.

The eponymous opener builds toward a catchy chorus, while Leaving nicks a riff from Stars’ Ageless Beauty before a propulsive pre-chorus takes over. Wilde’s best at penning singalong choruses that tumble effortlessly out of less memorable verses, the one exception being downtrodden, Tracy Chapmanesque Let It Go, which tugs at your heartstrings from start to finish.

Top track: Let It Go

NNN - Now


Flashlight Radio (self titled)



"This is the next generation of folk, showing their chops independently and with amazing talent. The son of a folk legend and the daughter of a comic genius, Ben and Suzy have great genes and they'll prove it "-Trevor Mills, Eaglewood Folk Festival Director

"Bonded by a longstanding friendship, Suzy Wilde and Ben Whiteley deliver an alluring blend of immaculate roots-tinged folk, deft storytelling, and vocals of sweet fragile beauty that take you to another place. Heartfelt treasures for the acoustically inclined, steeped in feeling and purity."- Lonely Vagabond, Exclaim Blog

As kids, Ben Whiteley and Suzy Wilde used to play hide-and-seek backstage at folk festivals. Growing up, they started revisiting the festivals as members of their parents' bands. Now in their 20's, Wilde and Whiteley have reunited as FLASHLIGHT RADIO- an indie-folk-rock outfit that combines their musical roots with new influences of their generation. Emerging with full force into the Canadian music scene, they are quickly gaining praise and recognition from fans and critics alike.

The music is a dynamic blend of textures, tones, soaring vocals and melodious riffs: a perfect balance between delicate melodies and lush, energetic arrangements. Wilde and Whiteley execute simplified versions of these sound-scapes as a duo, but often call on additional players to fill out their sound in live show settings.

Their debut self-titled EP has been hailed as a fresh take on modern roots music that "tugs at your heartstrings from start to finish" (NOW Magazine). Emotionally-charged and sonically rich, the EP guides the listener through stories of childhood, first love, saying goodbye, a city that keeps growing and restless hearts that long for the country. It has been well received by listeners everywhere, thanks in part to the continuous support and regular air-play from CBC Radio 1 and 2. To mark the end of a great year that included festival slots at Mariposa, Summerfolk and Eaglewood, Flashlight Radio was included in CBC's Mark Rheaume’s 2009 Best Of Ontario Music.

Suzy and Ben are individually experienced and accomplished musicians. Ben has become a sought-after sideman, playing with the likes of Amy Millan, Liam Titcomb, Tom Paxton and Scarlett/Washington/Whiteley. He is currently completing a music degree at U of T where he studies upright bass and music education. Suzy has played with Nancy White for many years and recently joined her at the Calgary Folk Festival, where they taught songwriting at the "folk boot-camp". She is also a member of Alt-Country group STONEFOX and musical director of Toronto's first repertory theatre company, The Beggars Bag. She has recently completed her Bachelor of Applied Music from Humber College, where she studied vocal performance, composition and songwriting.

At folk festivals, Ben and Suzy fit right in, exploring different themes in workshops and eagerly contributing to "jams", on-stage and off. Their original music often compliments the various workshop themes and they have also been known to invent ideas for workshops based on some of their more unique material.

Past workshops include:

"And Then I Wrote"- Songwriting tips and tricks.
"New Constellations"- Songs about city light and star-light
"Next Generation"- Young artists with parents "in the biz"
"City Life"- Artists from the big cities and their songs
"Fem-Folk"- Songs written by women
"Oh Canada" -A tribute to Canadian folk legends of festivals past

Wilde and Whiteley come together to form a dynamic and well balanced duo with an album that goes above and beyond what one might expect in a debut. With a loyal fan base that keeps on growing FLASHLIGHT RADIO has what it takes to make serious waves in Canadian Music.

For all bookings and inquiries, email info@flashlightradio.com
Contact Suzy Wilde: 647-281-2551 or Ben Whiteley: 647-868-2851