Flash Mob

Flash Mob


artsy, funky, blusey, soul bearing, rhythmic, honest, passionate, uplifting, mysterious, fun, ecclectic, diverse, improvisational, insatiable, booty shakin finger tapping knee slappin hunk a burnin groove.


Flash Mob is a five piece original rock, roots, blues band, who throws in a few covers for good measure. The band came to meet each other through different circumstances. Lars and Rob met when Moses was in short pants; Rob and Eric bonded in band camp…seriously; Allison stumbled upon Colin in a dank, bucket of blood tavern; and Lars and Colin jammed on the Cape Cod music scene for years.


Ratta TatT at

Written By: Rob Allen

She writes so fast ratta tat tat
Like On the Road by Jack Kerouac
It won't take long before you're hooked
She gives good e-mail and she can cook


And you're careful not to go to her to soon
She'll leave you baying at the moon
Some say she's got abrasive eyes
I just see the moon in her sky


She's my morphine, she's my speed
She's my heroine in blue jeans
She'll lift you up from your cell
A taste of heaven when you're in hell


Verse 3

Sometimes she seems as tough as nails
And other times she's somewhat frail
Don't ask no questions, she can't lie
No deception, no disguise..


Verse 4

Sometimes I think she don't give a damn
There's nothing here but this lousey spam
Nothing to cling to in the night
Just words that promise and her insights

CHORUS and out

Set List

our format is typically 2 one hour sets. we play about 80% original music. We cover songs from a diverse group of people from Tom Waits to Amos Lee.