Flash Point

Flash Point


Imagine if Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix had their DNA spliced together and said music god studied under an old delta blues player. This prodigy would be a roadie of Flash Point for life.


Dan and Chad met at the U of A around 2004 and then finally jammed together sometime in mid-2006. After winning a NWARG talent show with a 5-minute rock medley in 2007, they decided to form a band. Chad knew Andrew from the U of A and set up a jam session. Immediately we had a good musical chemistry and the original material just started to flow. The three of us played at an NWARG bout in August of 2008. The show was well-received, and we knew we needed to complete the lineup with an appropriate singer and frontman. Upon recommendation we tried out Mike Strickland. He immediately clicked with us, and added the frontman/singer/lyricist aspect to the band. We played another NWARG bout in May 2009 under the name The Incurables, then played the Gypsy with other local bands Hosta, David's Pegasus, and the ROX in June 2009. After the June show, Mike quit the band unexpectedly for personal reasons and was shortly upstaged by our new singer Chris Michael. Chris instantly amplified the energy and brought the band to the next level. We chose our new moniker, Flash Point and we are currently honing our unique blend of blues and rock.


The Incurables - Live at the Gypsy

Set List

Killing Me Blues
Skeletons in my Closet
Sun Don't Shine
Train Wreck
Who Are They
The River Song
Hollywood Hills
New Day
Wherever You Go
...many unnamed jams

Some past covers include:
Little Wing
Mr. Brownstone
No Way Out
Pride & Joy
Johnny B Goode
The Levee's Gonna Break
Red House
Born Under a Bad Sign
Beat It
Flirtin With Disaster
All Along the Watchtower

Our set can easily last up to 2.5 hours