Athens, Georgia, USA

Complex Simplicity


Flash To Bang Time
Raised on Brian Eno, Monty Python and electricity. Name courtesy of the Illustrious Robin Edwards (Mystery Date). Began out of Organ Grinder's demise as a project/brainchild of the aforementioned Edwards (bass) and Lynda Stipe (Oh-OK, Hetch Hetchy). Actually to back up, it began as songs fed into the earliest of Windows machines via keyboard (Casio) and vocals (Stipe). From there, Ch. Greenleaf purchased a plane ticket for an early CMJ event for Jamey Huggins (of Montreal) in trade for a beautiful set of red sparkle Norma drums in order to help keep time until they found someone who actually knew how to play. Turns out, Greenleaf can play. Inspires Stipe to decide she can play cello, buys one and does so. After a really good run producing the ep Glo (Sinus Recs) in 2000, which features vocalist/ violist Jenny Culler (and includes the track "Deville Creme" featured on the Athfest 2001 cd), Edwards bows out but remains friendly.
Enter Kevin J Sims (Floorwalker, Bosch). Answers an ad in Flagpole, shows up, turns up his amp and destroys the plaster on the wall next to it. The band records Seethru with Andy LeMaster which includes "Silent Movie"- later featured on AthFest's 2005 collection
Guitarist Matt Tamisin and guitarist/ vocalist Ritchi Williams both ex-Commander Chameleon join in 2009 and add to recordings begun at Andy Bakers by way of Chris Bishops that same year. Into 2010- recordings proceed with Abe Tamisin and Matt Tamisin.

In July 2010 Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records releases the "Lead Balloon" 7" on vinyl which also features "Lemon Meringue (pt.1)" "Lemon Meringue (pt.2)" and "Shapeshifter"

In March 2011 Flash To Bang Time played SXSW in Austin w/ Mike Watt, the fleshtones and Supercluster.

Wuxtry Record Store Day compilation released in April 2011 included "Beggarweed (edit)" as well as tracks by Elf Power and REM.

October brings PopFest with the Throwing Muses and Bob Mould as well as CMJ appearances in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

 * Lynda Stipe-Vocals, keyboard, bass, occasionally cello

* Charles Greenleaf-Trap set, vocals

* Philip Kohnen-Bass, Glockenspiel

* Richie Williams-Vocals, guitar

* Dyan Holt-Keys, Vocals

* Matt Tamisin-Guitar, Vocals

* Full Length out on HHBTM Recs early Spring 2012
* Lead Balloon 7" Fall 2010
* Wuxtry Record Day Comp 2011 (w/ Elf Power/ REM /etc)
* Seethru LP
* Glo Ep

Venues Played

* SXSW 2011-the Ginger Man
* PopFest 2011 (October)/40 Watt Club
*CMJ - (October)/Bruer Falls, Brooklyn/CakeShop-NYC
* Flicker
* Caledonia
* Eyedrum
* Earl
* Echo
* Little Kings
* Exit Inn
* Melting Point

Played With
Mike Watt
Elf Power
the Fleshtones
Circulatory System
Drive by Truckers
the Instruments
Oh OK (not with, as)
Jill Carnes
Brave New Citizen
Mountain Goats
Five Eight
Time Toy
Dexter Romwebber
Mission of Burma
Bob Mould (October 2011)
Throwing Muses (October 2011)
the Goons
the New Sound of Numbers

Trivia, Ephemera, Folklore, Other Connections

* Oh-OK
* Mystery Date
* Magnapop
* Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records
* Commander Chameleon
* Hetch Hetchy
* Japanski Studios
* Bosch
* Floorwalker


"Seethru" Lp
-Produced by Andy LeMaster (2009)

"Lead Balloon/ Lemon Meringue/ Shapeshifter" 7" (2010)
-Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records

Full Length out on Happy Happy Birthday To Me
February 2012