Flatline Muzik

Flatline Muzik

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Flatline Muzik is th future. We are what Hip-Hop is waiting for. we are what hip-hop is missing. We are the futute and we will make a difference. We have some original music we are not like any other we are ourselves and we will do some dmage in the industry. Remember Flatline Muzik


Flatline Muzik was influnced by the Cash Money Records. Flatline Muzik is coming from New Orleans just like Cash Money and thats our plans to be what Cash Money is and once was. We will do more than Cash Money however. We will make a difference and give back more than any other. We have plans and goals and we will let our music bring us closer to those goals and plans. Flatline Muzik is coming we are the future and we will make a difference.


Fresh Like-single-radio and streaming airplay-Shadow Tha 1st

Roll With It-single-streaming airplay-Shadow Tha 1st

Sin City-mixtape-Entire Flatline Mixtape

Set List

We do whatever we can get. We can do whatever you need. We do have covers on our mixtape and w do sometimes used those but it depends on what we get. If we get a big gig we will do mostly the entire mixtape and some samples of our upcoming LPs and mixtapes.