Flatlines is a four piece Post-Hardcore from hunt County Texas. They have played over 25 shows throughout the Austin,Dallas,San Antonio Area. The best thing about this band is thier age of 18 years.They have been blessed to share the stage with many known and signed bands.


Flatlines was formed in a little town in Texas named Caddo Mills. The Founding Members Matt Rodriguez and Ryan Meader met in highschool and started jamming together in Matt's small house. Ryan later learned to play drums, Matt stuck to Guitar and Vocals, they added Dave Tadlock, (Matts Cousin) to the line up. Dave is well known through out the city for his amazing skill on the guitar. They then met Kyle, one of Daves Friends and added him to play bass. and few months past. The name grew and so did the reputation for the live shows, and crazy emotional lyrics and music they produce. Whats even crazier? The ages of the band, considering thier headlining shows already 6 months into thier career.


They are hometown heroes, and legends.

With One Demo Under Their Belts.

Their ready for the world to see what so many have already fallen in love with.


--The Editor--


Fashionably Dressed Ep. 2006

Set List

Put On Your Dancing Shoes.
Skeptics Syndrome
Good News
The Fall Of Innocence
Fingers Crossed
All Is Fair In Love And War

No Covers, All Original Material.