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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Father and Son Flow"

Father and Son article in the St. Louis American. Google "B Tight and D Rail St. Louis American" see the entire article from Dec. 15-21 2011 paper - St. Louis American


D-Rail- 2011

Shoe Game- 2011

Remember- 2011

club Bug- 2011

Father vs. Son-2012

Sign that kid- 2012



Orlabdo B - Tight Fleming was born March 9, 1978 in St. Louis Mo. At the age of 4 or 5 he began to gravitate towards music just like his older brother. Music like Michael Jackson, SOS band, the Gap Band and Sade to name a few is what filled the house when his mother cooked and cleaned and he would sing and dance for hours. People would come over to visit and pay Little B - Tight to dance like Michael Jackson. As he got older around 9 or 10, he began to memorize other rap artist songs and write them down. eventually he would know the songs better than the artist. People in the neighborhood would knock on his door just to ask him to rap a Big Daddy Kane or Special Ed song. It was 1192 when he attended a Kriss Kross concert at Six Flags is when he was inspired and started writing seriously and B- Tight was born.
After numerous battles and the death of his older brother in 1994, it really changed B - Tight into a monster. After years of doing his thing on the streets he was picked up by United Entertainment who went on to produce a local favorite hit called "Ball Til You Fall" with the Ram Quad of Universal records at the time and Ali of the St. Lunatics. After that didn't fall threw he was back at it again hitting the streets and getting in shows and battles where ever he could. While all this was going on he kept running into a local icon rapper name "Lil Whit" who was one of the first to drop a CD here in the error JC and the Dawg Pound, Silk Smooth and a few other veterans in the game. He also was the lead Artist on Honee Combs records and put together a famous group called the Arch Ryvals once formally known as the "Circle of Sin" before Lil Whit branched off on his own to create his own label called "Flatline Records" B - Tight kept running into him on a regular basis and would always give him a CD or whatever he had in his possession at the time. Well one day he called B Tight and the rest is history. After working with Flatline for few months and recording songs, B - Tight brought his son to Whit and initially wanted him to hear D Rail sing so he can put him on the hook of a song we recorded called :"Club Bug" and Whit was impressed with his singing. Shortly after that B - Tight said to Whit one day that D Rail can rap also and after hearing a verse he spit for him, Whit gave him a track and asked me to feature on it and we been going strong every since as a duo.

Derrail Flemings was born April 17th, 1999 and right away at the age of 4 you could tell Derrail had something special about him. At the age of 5 he was all over his daddy's song, singing hooks and doing skits. D Rail is a person of many talents- he raps, sings and dance all by the age of 11 which is also his first song ever recorded, the "Club Bug" Song. But it would be the second song called "D Rail" a idea came up with by the CEO of Flatine Records now known as "Mr. Whit" from a trach he had a producer make that repeated the name D Rail throughout the track and it was a hit that showed just how talented D Rail is along with his father B - Tight. the feed back from the streets and shows we was entering peforming the song was huge so we went back into the studio to record "Shoe game" and it was undeniable now that D Rail was ready and so the father and son team was and has been created with the help and support from "Mr. Whit" of Flatine Records.

Mr. Whit CEO 314 369-5394