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""Local Flavor:June 10th""

*this appeared in an article about the sold-out "Bonnaroo Throwdown"show at 3rd & Lindsley(Nashville TN),with Claifornia rockers:Tea Leaf Green

"Some local flavor was offered up by Flast Rock Revival to start the evening.Matt Bridges,joined by brother Ben on bass,created a very interesting playground for what could be best described as an experimentation in pop culture.Samples and sound bites laced the beginning of songs that launched headstrong into powerful sustaining jams,featuring some creative lyrics by Matt.Their sound defies boundaries as Matt's lyrics have avery Americana feel,and their sound wears the influences of Pearl Jam to Johnny Paycheck and all points in between......"by Brad Hodge - An Honest Tune Magazine

""8 Off 8th Review"(June 12,2006)"

"....there must have been 300 people in the room,and the Flat Rock guys had em all up"by Brother Witt(91.1) - Yer Wittness

""New Sounds for Nashville""

"....As I 'stumbled' into my favorite neighborhood bar last Saturday,I felt like my soul had a found a new home for it's ears.It's like I walked upon Robert Earl Keen and Bob Marley spittin rhymes at each other,while David Byrne or Roger Waters were in the corner conducting Pearl Jam with the mood music.This is absolutely the best way I can describe The Flat Rock Revival.
This is definitely one of the most original sounding groups I've heard in town in the last few years.From straight ahead rockers to drum loops to soulful vocals and a great ripping guitarist,these guys brought it all with ridiculous energy!
If this is the next wave of music to represent Nashville's rock scene,things could get really exciting around these parts."

Spivey - Spiveys' Ivy, Internet Newsletter,Vol 4

"CD Review-Spivey Blog"

Spivey's Ivy internet Record Shop/Upcoming Releases:Flat Rock Revival-UNTITLED

"Flat Rock Revival mixes the nasty garage rock of late 80's early 90's Seattle,with the groovin' focused songwriting of early Widespread Panic.Sure to be a fresh sound for a sometimes worn out couple of generations.

Musically,most of the songs on the upcoming CD(yet to be named) are rather heavy and full of several hooky riffs(ala Soundgarden)and tasty guitar leads,as well as bleeps and blurps of electronica,but the overall groove on the record reminds me quite a bit of 'Everyday',Widespread Panic's early 1990's release on Capricorn Records.

Lyrically and vocally,Flat Rock Revival tends to lean towards particular themes of hope and redemption,but that is all kissed with a hint of angst and confusion.Several songs,such as 'Crosssed The River' and the aptly titled 'Fables Of The Cocaine Cowgirl' nearly contain hints of bubbling rage.On the other hand,songs such as 'Leaving Gailwood St.' and 'Temporary' show signs of a desperate longing for past times or relationships.These songs tend to balance out the overall aggressive feel of the CD.Quite emotional stuff from this Mt.Juliet, TN based quartet.."

- Spivey's Independant Music Blogger

""Worshiping At The Altar Of Rock n Roll""

"Worshipping At The Altar Of Rock & Roll"

People say that rock and roll is dead. They say that it died years ago. Well, my friends I am here to proclaim on high that the spirit of rock has risen and has returned to save our souls. Local middle Tennessee rockers Flat Rock Revival have recorded their debut album, Before They Pulled The Plug…, to be released on July 18 and I have procured from the god of the Stratocasters an advanced copy. After multitudes of plays it would only take a mortal sin to pry this album from my hands.

The boys of Flat Rock led by lyricist, lead vocalist and drummer Matt Bridges have created a piece of musical genius that is swimming in the ointment of their many influences who have carried the torch for rock before them. From rock legends Cream, The Allman Brothers, Jethro Tull, and Pink Floyd to country superstars Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Willie Nelson to more recent artists like Metallica, Widespread Panic and Drive-By Truckers, not to mention a little R&B flavor, you catch it all in their music. Flat Rock manage, however, to meld all of these sounds and all of these genres together in order to create a rock sound that is new and fresh and all their own.

From the opening track (”Another Shot“) where lead guitarist Ronnie White calls on the spirits of guitarists past, to the haunting, preacher-like howl of Bridges‘ vocal on “Me? Robot?” where other guitarist Chris Bodily leaves his mark, they will have you on your knees in praise. From the slowed down, country-gospel feels (”Leaving Gailwood Street“) where the melodic bass guitar, played by Ben Bridges on the album to be handled seemlessly going forward by Will Day, is their backbone to the deep, thought-provoking lyrics (”Cocaine Cowgirl“, “Temporary“) that bring you on a mind blowing introspective into the search for the meaning of life and life’s excesses.

In the album’s liner notes the band states, “…we hope this recording shines a light on some of our perceptions and realities.” This first of hopefully many more recordings to come from these boys out of Tennessee definitely does more than shine a light, it blinds with its intensity and heaviness and burns brightly with its honesty and angelic elegance.

The boys have been able to capture their heavy, raw sound that is live performance and translate it perfectly into their studio sonance. This sound is one that should be experienced for yourself. I implore you to get saved by rock and roll and pick up a copy of this album when the boys have their CD release extravaganza in downtown Nashville at Windows Off The Cumberland July 18, 2008 or visit them at their website: http://www.myspace.com/flatrockrevivalcom to order your copy for a sinfully low price and hear some of the tracks for yourself.

In a world with weak, wimpy music that tempts your love of song, Flat Rock Revival is doing exactly as their name states. They are reviving and resurrecting good music and vying to be your rock and roll saviour.

- Natural Deficiency


1)"Before They Pulled The Plug"(July 2008)-full length debut on BoonePie Records available online and in indie record stores.Tracks are in rotation on WRLT,Lightning 100.1 in Nashville TN.

2)"The Shadow Lane EP"-tracks from this recording have been spun on WRVU 91.1(Vanderbilt University) as well as WMTS 88.3(Middle Tennessee State University).

3)The new homemade EP(actually it's live)....titled "In Search Of Dry Land" is available online for FREE DOWNLOAD to everyone.The tracks were recorded from the board at Nashville's favorite neighborhood venue,3rd & Lindsley,on April 12th,2007.



With an ever evolving sound, Flat Rock Revival blends their tight, groove oriented rock with a dose of early 90's Seattle tones(Soundgarden,Screaming Trees), modern blues(Widespread Panic,Son Volt) as well as psychedelic-synth sounds(Pink Floyd,Disco Biscuits). Lyrically and vocally, the sound absolutely leans to the traditional folk themes of release and revolution(Bob Dylan,Ani DiFranco)creating a very unique Tennessee rock band.
Matt was of the founding members of one of the Southeast's finer blues-rock bands, Old Union and also served some time on the road with one Murfreesboro TN's finest southern-jam bands Foggy Bottom. FR2 continues to create fresh sounds for those that appreciate the forward progression of todays music while not forgetting those that crafted the unforgettable songs of yesterday.
Though FR2 is quite young as a band, they have already showcased their songs at a few of Nashville's finer live music establishments, including several shows at Exit/In,The Mercy Lounge,3rd & Lindsley and Windows on the Cumberland, while also venturing into other markets such as Knoxville TN, Memphis TN,North Mississippii,Houma LA, Bowling Green KY, Rome GA and several others.

Flat Rock Revival has shared the stage with several great bands over the past two years including Outformation, Tea Leaf Green, RAQ, Old Union, Garage Deluxe, Corleone, H-Beam and others. FR2 has also been invited to do guest radio spots on WRVU 91.1(Vanderbilt Univ.) and WMTS 88.3(MTSU).