Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley

 Owensboro, Kentucky, USA

High energy rock and roll band who is looking for a good time. Are you experienced, we are! We know how to get a crowd up and rockin!

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Written By: Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley – Hero

Just an average man making my way
Of troubles, I’ve had my share
Too wrapped up in my own situations
To take time to show that I care.

If you’re looking for a hero
Cause hero’s never let you down
I’m far too human to be found a hero
But never too far that I can’t be found

Sometimes it’s scary out there in the real world
Not at all like it is on TV
Were all looking for someone to believe in
Cause at times, that’s all that we need.

I wanna be that superhero
Coming to save the day
Flying down from the heavens to reach you
And take you up and away

Chorus +
Up and away (repeated)