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"Fields of Fire"

These boys offer contemporary country music with a definite Southern Rock influence. Their harmonies are stand-out as well as their song-writing abilities, ten of the album's twelve tunes were penned by Flatt with "Rollin' Down the Highway" co-written with Alvis. Excellently produced by Dustin Michael for the independent Nashville Noir label, the CD showcases talent that should be commercially viable and headed for stardom. You'll want to own this one, so look for it at your favorite record store.

Brad Fischer 6/7 Stars - Nashville Music Guide

"Flatt & Alvis Break the Rules"

For nearly a century, the city of Nashville has been known as the “Music City of the World” - home to the Grand Ole Opry, the Ryman Auditorium, and the magnificent sound of Country Music itself. But more than anything else, Nashville is known for its unending succession of artists that always seem to break every rule in the book – and Nashville certainly has a lot of rules to break! In 2006, there is a new chapter being written in the pages of Nashville’s lengthy music history. Our story begins as two young artists are poised on the brink, taking one final breath before the biggest plunge of their lives - Two artists that have the weight of a family legacy on their shoulders… Nashville born and raised singer/songwriters Stephen Flatt and Shane Alvis have just completed their long-awaited debut album entitled “Fields of Fire” (Nashville Noir 2006) with the help of celebrated producer/director Dustin Michael. Using traditional live/acoustic recording techniques, and focusing on the duo’s ingenious harmonies and presence, the album presents Flatt & Alvis’ dark and soulful music in a most unforgettable way. Also accompanying Flatt & Alvis on “Fields of Fire” is an all-star cast of legendary Nashville musicians: Peter Hyrka (Human Radio, Sixpence None the Richer), Dave Roe Rorick (Johnny Cash, Dwight Yoakam), Mike Headrick (Conway Twitty, Jerry Lee Lewis), and Guthrie Trapp (Patty Loveless). Flatt & Alvis are already packing-out venues in the region (even before their first CD is released) and it seems that the duo have a long road ahead of them. - Sony Acid Planet

"These two, Stephen Flatt and Shane Alvis, are boys to watch!"

The Bottom Line Take two guys with some impressive talent, give them a chance to stretch their skills as singers, pickers, and songwriters, give 'em some awesome backup players, and what you end up with is one sharp debut disc. It's easy to believe this is a duo who have been working together for several years, writing up an impressive catalog of original music before even entering college. These two, Stephen Flatt and Shane Alvis, are boys to watch. Kathy Coleman - about.com - about.com

"Flatt & Alvis, Fields of Fire"

Don’t worry: Flatt & Alvis is not some cross-pollinated parody of Flatt & Scruggs and Elvis Presley. Rather, it’s a young Nashville duo with a spirited debut release — Fields of Fire.
Singer/songwriter Stephen Flatt is the great-nephew of Lester Flatt and naturally, a guitarist. He met singer Shane Alvis in school, and they forged a musical partnership, honed their harmonies, and racked up enough failed romances to amass a repertoire before they entered college. Fields of Fire finds them fronting a standout studio cast consisting of Mike Headrick (pedal steel), Peter Hyrka (fiddle, mandolin), Dave Roe (bass), Guthrie Trapp (guitar, mandolin) and Mike Walters (drums).
The backing bolsters an Americana mix that begins with the rockin’ road song “Rollin’ Down the Highway” and proceeds to country and newgrass hit-the-road songs “Not with Me” and “Sister Pain “ In between, the memories range from the jamband-flavored “Yesterday’s Gone” to ballads, “Fallen Rain” and “Calling of the Crows.”
“Carry On” captures a coal miner faced with the mine’s closing, and affords momentary respite from the heartache and broken dreams that eventually run together like the liner notes’ nearly illegible lyrics. Nonetheless, Flatt & Alvis should carry on and command a devoted following. TW
- Bluegrass Now Magazine

"Fields of Fire Review"

The Nashville duo of Stephen Flatt and Shane Alvis dip into country, folk and bluegrass with equal fervor and quality on Fields of Fire . Whether doing conversational tunes (“Rollin’), introspective pieces (“Yesterdays Gone, “Calling Of The Crows”) or more emotional and intense material (“Where Were You,” “Sister Pain,” “Fallen Rain”) their leads and harmonies are appropriately tough, tender, anguished or sentimental. They’re assisted by a fine band whose members include violinist, mandolin ace and accordionist Peter Hyrka, bassist Dave Rorick, drummer Mike Walter, acoustic/electric guitarist Guthrie Trapp and pedal steel player Mike Headrick. Flatt and Alvis will have you deep in thought one moment, and then engaged and dancing the next in this fine set that merges several styles, while featuring solid originals, polished and proficient vocals and topflight playing.

By Ron Wynn - The Nashville City Paper


"Fields of Fire" - Nashville Noir




Stephen Flatt, great-nephew of Country Music's own esteemed Lester Flatt (Flatt & Scruggs and the Foggy Mountain Boys), began composing Country and Americana music in his early teens. Through the insight and support of his own family and their rich musical heritage, the young songwriter quickly grasped the concept of utilizing tightly knit harmonies and perceptive lyrics to portray his own stories and ideas. During his school years in Tennessee, Flatt was introduced to vocalist and writer Shane Alvis. The two immediately found common ground, both in youthful experience and unrestrained talent; the duo began honing their vocal harmonies into a flawless weave by focusing on Alvis' effortlessly precise southern gospel choir voice. This fiery initial union would eventually lead them onto the world's stage. By the time young Stephen Flatt and Shane Alvis entered college, the two had collectively written an entire catalogue of original music and were regularly performing in front of hundreds of captivated and awestruck listeners; the duo promptly collected a vast and dedicated following of friends and fans alike.
The harmony of Flatt & Alvis' music radiates with the soulful presence of America's youth and encompasses a sound and charisma not witnessed in decades. The duo similarly combine the lyrical prowess and soul of artists such as John Mellencamp and Robert Plant, with the skillfully refined harmonies of Simon and Garfunkel and The Louvin Brothers; all of this enveloped within two tall and handsome young men poised as the prodigy of a distinguished era in American Music.