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FLAVE… One could not find the words that perfectly describe the mentality of this Sagittarian artist, songwriter, and visionary. Her favorite slogan is “Don’t let the long hair fool you”, and her attitude makes it clear- sheer determination, perseverance, and a bit of stubbornness aren’t enough to keep one focused in today’s music world for you must love what you do. It is this unlimited love for Hip Hop and music in general that separates FLAVE from the vast majority of so-called artists looking to get their fifteen minutes of fame from novelty music. Her style is an eclectic blend encompassing the elements of Hip Hop, R&B, and Funk with touches of Rock influences. Intense energy is poured into her songs and the results are immediately evident when you press play.

FLAVE recorded her first song “Psycho” in 1994 and basically hasn’t looked back since. She featured on several songs with local acts in the Pensacola, FL and Mobile, AL area, eventually becoming a member of the group Live Wire. In May 1998 she moved to Tokyo, Japan, and began working on tracks for the first official Live Wire release “Real Til I Die”, an underground disc on Megaforce/Schooler Records Japan. FLAVE was also the featured artist on three major singles by Avex Trax major recording artist Elisha La'Verne ("I Don't Mind", "You Are the One", & "Change Your Way"). Live Wire also performed at several venues throughout Tokyo, the two most notable being Club Fire in Yokohama and having the honor of being booked at Don Cornelius' SOULTRAIN CAFE for the month of March 2000. After returning to Florida in 2002 she became CEO of her label Undaground Sector Entertainment, LLC where she began assembling her own roster of artists and producers. During this time she recorded "The Wake-Up Party" radio introductions for "Ray-Ray", 92.9 WBLX's morning show disc jockey reaching over 2 million listeners daily. The release of “Southern Hostility” in August 2004 marked the first project from the label for the group ArchRyval that she was part of (formerly known as Live Wire). The disc received critical acclaim and included work from Steven Stewart hailing from Helsinki, Finland, and the sultry vocals of Yarbrough and Peoples on the sampled classic, "Rock U". The song “Rock You” and The Roots' "Don't Say Nuthin'" were the only Hip Hop/Rap singles included on the CMJ On Air Sampler, a compilation disc that was given to an estimated 10,000 people attending the CMJ Music Marathon October 13th-16th 2004, and distributed in issue #850 of CMJ New Music Monthly.

FLAVE adds, "My musical style mirrors the places I've been, what I've seen, and situations that I’ve been through- not just representing my region but for Hip Hop and the music world in its entirety. This is what I stand for.". One might say that FLAVE is a synonym for excellence. She continues to polish her style, stay grounded, and well-rounded in order to tackle any challenge this industry may dish out. Her undying passion for music radiates with every chord, every drum kick, and every verse, and is obvious when you're in her presence.

FLAVE is a member of BMI.