Flaver Savers

Flaver Savers


Self Proclaimed Greatest Band ever If you like these genres of music than you will like us: >Punk, ska, reggae, funk, rock’n’roll, metal, hip hop, psychedelic and Jam/improv


-All members born in 1986
- met in elementary school
- created band in grade 11 of high school
- Since then have played many shows, from wall to wall house parties to bakeries in the suburbs
- full size venues of downtown Toronto such as the El Mocambo, Reverb, Holy Joes, Kathedral, Fun haus and the Legendary Horse Shoe Tavern
- Recorded first demo cd titled Cunning-linguist EP in our drummers basement.
- Currently writing new music and playing shows
- upcoming recording date at Machine Head Studios


Cunning-Linguist EP

Set List

Can fill any time slot from 3 mins to 3 hours

- we play original songs
- we know many covers that we play at our own dicretion, we'll usually play at least 2 just for fun if time allows us