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London, England, United Kingdom

London, England, United Kingdom
Band Hip Hop Hip Hop


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Still working on that hot first release.



Flavour born (Samir Arbad) in 1985 in a little village in Eritrea to a hard working mother with his younger four siblings. The half Italian stallion then moved to the United Kingdom living in North London (Wood Green,) where Flavour attended Winchmore Secondary School till he finish his GCSE’s in 2002. He started attending Barnet college for a year doing Engineering. ‘loved my school work..I was a geek..haha’ However…!! Things dramatically took a turn in Flavours life when he confronted his dad having a row with his mother and a fight broke out and all hell broke loose ‘that part of my life… that little part right their…..changed me so much its unbelievable’ After the police getting involved and all the hassle. Flavour decided to leave home, he lived in Walthamstow for 2 years rough in the YMCA Hostel “it was rough MAN..really rough none cared for Shit so I had to develop my self to the new surroundings and that is to be tough.’’ And tough he was, getting into a lot of fights with big groups, hanging with the wrong crowds that got him really nowhere except getting visits from the police. ‘ they where very nice the cops to be honest always advising me to do things constructive with my life then going around being a macho man….lol..they where cool’. One day when Flavour was taking a nap at the back of buss number 25 a young man confronted him telling him to get off the seat because it was his bed for the night ‘that was jokess…hahah..it was funny’ after few rows about who is going to sleep in it or who is sitting in it, the young guy named ‘soloman’ told him why he don’t use his anger in MUSIC instead of fighting all the time. ‘So the guy started rapping to this beat he had in his nokia 3210 phone..dem brick phones you know..ha’. ‘So when he finished he looked at me and said go head… do it’. ‘ WOW…….before I knew it…. all theses words where bashing in my mind, I couldn’t control them they where every were I was poet MAN A MOTHERFUCKING POET…’After that……..there was no stopping Flavour he went in with a full force nothing holding him back….. Emotions….! Thoughts…..! Pain….! Anger….! You name it all went out the window. ‘Sat in my room168 in the hostel for a week, of course I had something to eat daw hahahah…..’ But it changed his out look in life instead of fighting and getting hurt or hurt anyone else he decided express it in his music. ‘ Man….!!! the police still came and check if I was doing ok cause they didn’t see anymore of me hanging around and shit’ ‘ they where shocked but pleased too..’ His music range from love to poverty to riches and beyond. ‘I love to express my self in any way giving, but it only happens or shall I say the magic only happens when I am in a certain state of mind. It’s really weird; I can’t just come up with anything I have to be in a certain state’. His love for his music keeps him humbled and secure. He has a young baby girl named Summer (2 yrs old) ‘she is my world and the best thing ever happened to me’. He has since been performing in a lot of venues across London and Essex also to add some of his music where played on air in Essex radio too. His just been signed to MKVIBE RECORDS looking for a prospering future with the record label. ‘can not wait bruv, well excited just wanna say thank you to Tao, Andy and all the other crew members Laz, for believing in me big thank you’

Watch out for his new singles. “SWEET LITTLE LIES” – “I GET BUTTERFLIES” – “SHE IS A KEEPER”

‘ you know its going to be crazy 2011 is gonna be my year baby, Flavour your number 1 taster, hope I catch u later.’


Comment from Flavour: ‘A message to the UK andUSA Flavour No1 taster has been waiting patientlyyyy and NOW his ready to BLOW’.

Big fat thank you to my favourite Artist

2Pac, R.I.P

And my Favourite person and best friend ever my MOTHER, I just wanna say I love you and care for you, I know I’am a hard headed n****r sometimes I don’t listen but it’s the hunger I have inside that is pushing me to what I am after, with four kids and iam the eldest I understand the tradition that goes with it, but ma I hope with gods permission I can full fill the my mission, after all the hell you went through to keep us safe and secure I aint gonna let it just slip by, you deserve better, This is your SON Sam Arbad,