Keene, New Hampshire, USA

With such curious factors as an electric violin and 3 of 4 members taking turns on bass, Flawd plays a unique and intense acid metal with progressive and experimental elements.


Listeners of Flawd may be able to identify influences ranging from classic rock staples such as Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Rush to more fringe tastes like Mahavishnu Orchestra and Gong to modern alternative favorites like Tool and Radiohead. Flawd was formed in 2008 by Brad Decatur and Weird Ernie. Both multi-instrument musicians, the duo wanted a band that balanced their need for tight, heavy, written material with off-the-cuff, effect-driven, improvisational spaces. In the fall of 2008, Brad invited his friend of many years, Jason Lawrence to add some fire to Flawd. Also a multi-instrument talent and a veteran of many bands in many genres, Jay opted to play the electric violin as his primary axe in the group. In January of 2009, Flawd recorded an epic 4-song EP with sound engineer/producer Kris Smith (www.TwiggMusic.com). The cd helped Flawd to break out on the local scene that summer. Flawd's first gig was at a VFW opening for a local cover band, Superstanza. Along with a few house parties Flawd also hooked a prime spot in that year's Keene Music Fest. On October 31st, 2009 Flawd hosted their first annual Halloween Freak-Show with 4 bands on the bill. Shortly after the Hallowen concert, Flawd welcomed Chris Whitney to the band, replacing original drummer, Chris Newer. Whitney completed the mix perfectly. Now with the lineup locked in and all members contributing creatively, Flawd is more free than ever to explore an ever-changing evolution much closer to what Brad and Ernie originally envisioned.


2009 EP

Set List

Flawd's current set plays out to just about an hour with ten original songs and an open possibility of a few cover tunes mixed in. Flawd's complete songlist to date is as follows:
1. Blank (original)
2. Fever (original)
3. Guilty Pleasure (original)
4. Steed (original)
5. Xenophobe (original)
6. Forgotten (original)
7. Slave 1 (original)
8. Down Pat (origial)
9. Break (original)
10. Hollow (original)
11. The Wizard (Black Sabbath)