Flawless Entertainment/Infimious Record's=Da Ent.
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Flawless Entertainment/Infimious Record's=Da Ent.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States | SELF

Columbia, South Carolina, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



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- Flawless


Come gert your copy of City Of The Gamecock's(Official Mixtape) Today on all your digital retailers! Also dont forget about our new single called "So Addicted" that comes from our self title debut album! Thats on the way to all your digital retailers!






Flawless Entertainment best known as Flawless Ent. Are music is based on present and past testimony's.So everything that we do or say is for a positive cause.We are both from the dirty south with unique talents and we single are selves out as a Flawless Entertainment because we feel like we our one of a kind with no competition.
Flawless Entertainment/Infimious Record's =Da Ent.

Jon Wayn (A.K.A Yung 60) and Flawless (A.K.A Freddi JaSun) are the two
individuals who make

up the group Da Ent..Flawless Is The President/CEO/Manager/Artist Of
his own Independent

Label which Partners with (Infimious Record's A.K.A

recently back in 2010 which then they linked up together as a
team.PurD5 is the President/Manager

& Jon Wayn Is the CEO/Artist of Infimious Record's.2005-2006 when they
began to expand

their vision and their dream's of success in the music industry But
they have many

underground project's before then.

“So Addicted” is there first full length R&B/Rap CD brought to you by Flawless
Entertainment thats going to distributed internationlly.

Their lead single with the same title demonstrates the versatility of these two

individuals as they showcase their talents. This single is about how
they feel about

their female fans. It has a great rhythm truly flows while it
captures a story through

emotion and lyrical genius. It’s also an introduction to the great
songs on this new

CD which is set for release in spring 2012.

“So Addicted” carries a similar theme that brings an emotional release
to the audience

while delivering a wonderful song and capturing the attention of the
audience. It is

done with clever finesse and with a swagger that you can’t ignore. Jon Wayn and

Flawless know how to work together and create together delivering top
hits every time.

They pride themselves with the ability to transform their life
experience and dreams

into a musical wonder. Their music is great to move to, dance to and
groove to. This

is Da Ent..

“So Addicted”, the CD, is set for release in spring 2012 however,
singles that are

being pre-released is a taste of what is yet to come. Some of these
songs are from
music from their

earlier mixtape called “City Of The Gamecock’s” (Official Mixtape) are
available at most digital
storefronts and

available in their physical formats. Please log onto the following:










The Ent. will be part of an upcoming concert called The Take Over at
Tremont Music Hall

in Charlotte, North Carolina on February 18, 2012.

“Only the strong survive and weather the storm. No matter what
happens you keep moving

on. We Gotta Keep Pushing!”

Flawless Entertainment/Infimious Record's make the name Da Ent.,is
currently working

with A & R Select based in West Hollywood, Ca. for licensing,
publishing, a record deal

and/or placement opportunities. For additional information, please
contact them at:



Flawless Biography

Devon (A.K.A Flawless) is originally from Eastover S.C. but was later raised from Gaston, Hopkins, Columbia.This Executive Producer/CEO/Manager/Artist has been through alot in his 23 years of livin with a hustler's ambition,big dream's.He has been in the music industry for well over 15 years strong producing his own music,also other local artists in the Metro area as well.He also has a formal artist on the label named Harvey Wilkin's 3(A.K.A Yung 60)That go's by the name of John Wayn.This label has four underground mixtape's Charge It 2 Da Game,Trials & Tribulations,Street Perticipation,Metro Villian & Da Monster,a mixtape that's already released at your local digital retailer's called City Of The Gamecock's(Official Mixtape) Go get your copy today! There Is also a upcoming Album Dropping at the beginning of 2011 called Guerilla Mansion as well as a compilation album called So Addicted for the lady's! Flawless Entertainment/Infimious Record's We Here!

Yung Sixty Biography
Yung Sixty that be me. I’m that guy yung trip 5 so live, live wire yes I….
I was born Harvey Wilkins lll on June 22, 1983 in Colorado and raised in South Carolina. All my life moms had me traveling while she was in the service. Love South Carolina, that’s my home. I’m just living the city life, king from the east. I’ve been rapping for 10 plus years, I first freestyle for my god sister who was very verbal. She told me that was hot, and then wrote a verse for m