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Flaymz is a young, up and coming artist hailing from the "Queen City," Charlotte, NC. With a wide range of influences from, Tupac to Ludacris, Flaymz finds a way to create a style that is all his own.


Flaymz a.k.a. John Foster was born April 7, 1987. Originally born in Charlotte, NC, he has roots to both the North and South sides of the city. Raised in Windsong Trails but groomed in Dillehay Courts, he has
encountered many things. On the day of moving into the “Hay,” as it is commonly known to North Charlotteans, a stray bullet shattered the glass screen and ricocheted off an interior wall, nearly killing his newly born infant sister. Despite such an encounter, he was not fazed. Rather, he was drawn closer to his family. As a kid living in Dillehay, he was always getting into trouble; constantly fighting and not caring too much for school. But his 4th grade teacher saw something in John. He was an intelligent kid that just needed direction. The teacher soon got John to start reading and writing poetry. His poetry is what set him apart from the other kids. Those stanzas would later become hooks and those hooks became full songs. His two older brothers also rhymed. “It must be in our blood,” they said. As a kid he always saw kids rapping in school but never involved himself due to his own shyness. Instead, his peers knew him as DJ Flaymz, from the hot mixtapes he circulated. As he got older and the more he wrote and read, the better he got with his lyrics. To hone his craft, he would even say his lyrics in the mirror, a habit he carries to this day. Soon enough, that shy kid from Dillehay Courts shed his frail exterior and became known as one of Charlotte’s premier emcees: Flaymz.


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