Flea Market Hippies

Flea Market Hippies

 Levelland, Texas, USA

Jazz Texacana


The originators of their own style of music that is affectionately being dubbed "Jazz Texacana" by music journalists, this band of musically gifted gypsy hippies met on the flea market circuit.


Beautiful and Strange

Written By: Morri Hartgraves

Old thoughts in off-pink glamour,
thin ropes that hold dark chains,
Thick paints that mask the fragile,
and etch the splintered wood.

Tossing your memory around in my head,
We had a love both beautiful and strange,
Tossing your memory around in my head,
I found myself through our togetherness.

I hear our drifting reproach,
unfolding circumstance,
Our gray romance weakened,
our instincts lost through trust.

Shattering from crippling habits,
dropped from depths of open air,
Dislocated threads of Nature,
our cracked earth of behavior.


Motionless words are fusing,
uprooted familiarity,
Woven into fear,
is the throne of dispose.

© 2004 Morri Hartgraves

Lady Bird's Wildflower Dream

Written By: Morri Hartgraves

Lady Bird’s Dream

[This song is a tribute to Lady Bird Johnson’s life long pursuit of planting wildflowers throughout Texas and her undying wildflower conservation efforts in Texas.]

Lady Bird’s dream in a blazing fire wheel,
Yellows and reds of the Indian blankets,
Tell the story of her quest in woven color.
Interplay of light and reflection,
Whites and blues in the bonnets of the Lupine,
Shape and shadow crevices of limestone.

Rio Grande, newborn sun,
Wildflowers, quilt Lady Bird’s dream.

Pigments of the soil find the Indian paintbrush,
Pale pink tones borrowed from the clay,
Flaming orange of the ocotillo.
Cat claw blossom all dressed in purple,
Paints the dust and touches summer,
Decorating the sand through windblown harmonies.

Rio Grande, summer breeze,
Wildflowers, quilt Lady Bird’s dream.

Flowered fishhook and a cholla cactus,
Christmas lights of a natural splendor,
Red fruits of a horse crippler and tasajillo.
Spanish dagger and Huisache daisy,
Algerita just ripe for jelly,
Waits for the unfledged journey of the Monarch butterflies.

Rio Grande, dying sun,
Wildflowers, quilt Lady Bird’s dream,

Lady Bird’s dream, her wildflower dreams.

© 2004 Morri Hartgraves


Jazz Texacana

Set List

The Heart to Keep You Warm
Beautiful and Strange
Ladybird's Dream
So Doggone Much
Warm Beer and Cold Men
Swimming in the Volcano
The Dead Man Drew First
Easy to Remember, But Hard to Forget
Rain on the Shadow
West Texas Summer
Giving Up on Memories
Fool For Lesser Things
Mundane Life
As The Drifting Rains Encircle
Capitol of Nowhere
Fingerprint of Vanity
Difficult Mistakes
Nothingness Is Without Your Presence