energetic melodic motion rock


Founded in February of 1998 we decided to work up on the time we spent playing cover songs (Rolf and Stephan) by writing songs like "The worker" and "These days have gone by". These first steps had been trend-setting for our own sound which we´re still working on and is the least common denominator for our music.

What´s the difference between fleck and other bands ?
I think the most critical factor is that we´ve had never been influenced by actual pop-trends so we´re able to play our songs in our sound at any time with full heart & soul. And if we´re playing a cover, it almost sounds fleck-a-delic.

As your listening to our music you probably find our relationship and influences to some of the following great bands & outstanding musicians which we really appreciate and love: Marillion, Big Country, Bruce Springsteen, Queen, Counting Crows and many, many more


LP: Wild country (2000)

streaming media available at:
Bandsite fleck

Set List

One to lose
You and I
Walking in Paris
Fall behind
Wild country
The worker
These days have gone by
Time is a river
The boy was a clown
Generation x
Stupid little doll
Free as a bird
I´m your man
Waiting to see
Third from the sun
Hold me
Land of luxury

usual encores:
Wild thing comin´
Rocking in a free world (Neil Young)
The further we stretch (Ezio) (acc.)
What am I´m looking for (acc.)

playing time from 40 minutes up to two hours and a bit more in average one respective two sets