FLEDfive is hard rock in the style of Staind and Nickleback, with heavy, crunchy guitars, dense rhythms and lots of hooks.


As the music industry scrambles to find the next new sound and keep computer users from “stealing” music, the bands that will survive are the ones who have forged their own personality, not followed trends. FLEDfive belongs in this category, and their current CD release Only Human will further establish that. Their sound is a blend of crunchy guitar riffing, thoughtful lyrics and strong melodies in the vein of Creed, Nickelback and Staind.

The FLEDfive story begins in 1999, when brothers Brian (guitar, vocals) and Nate (drums) Grooms formed the band with bassist John Dorer and guitarist Josh Mollan. Dorer’s previous band had included none other than Wayne Static, who went on to form Static-X. They released Highest Hill in 2001, and promoted it with steady gigging throughout the West Michigan area. Mollan’s departure in 2002 was followed by the release of Part of Me, featuring guitarist Roger Singleton. Dan Banker, formerly of Grand Rapids-based bands A2K and Burn, replaced Singleton in early 2004. He did not, however, join in time for the recording of Only Human, which was released in May 2004.

Through this time FLEDfive has maintained a constant schedule of West Michigan-area gigs, both as headliners and sharing the stage with rock and metal heavyweights such as Smile Empty Soul, Poison, Skid Row, Bad Company, Ratt, Kansas, Jackyl, and Quiet Riot. They have appeared in Aris’ Hometown Rock Music Search three times, and they performed at Fox Fest 2003, a yearly event including a veritable who’s who of classic and 80’s rock bands. Needless to say, their commitment to promoting their music is absolute.

Only Human is FLEDfive’s most mature work to date, darker and more ferocious than their earlier releases. However, Brian’s melodies are full of hooks, and his lyrics are more meaningful and thought provoking. The disc is already gaining record label attention, and the local buzz confirms the strength of the new songs. Their live show is tighter and more intense than ever, and they constantly evolve and reshape their act to better reach their listeners.

FLEDfive’s plans for the future are to continue as they have in the past, while always looking to improve their sound and widen their audience. The next (big) step for them is just around the corner…


"Highest Hill"--2001
"Part of Me"--2002
"Only Human"--2004

Set List

Part of Me
Don't Agree
Only Human
If You Don't Mind
Our Blood
If You Dare
Where Are You Now
So Cold

Sets may run up to 75 minutes