Fleeting Trance

Fleeting Trance


Fleeting Trance are constantly evolving, intense lovers of good music, they convey a universal appreciation for good sounds.


Fleeting Trance is a band based out of Oakland, Ca
the band consists of 4 pieces
Manasseh - guitar and vocals
Scott Robertson - guitar and vocals
Craig Koozer - Bass
Robert Johnson - Drums

Band influences include but are not limited to:
Sonic Youth, Jane's Addiction, The Pixies,
Merle Haggard, The Velvet Underground, The Smiths,
Graham Parsons, Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan, Bad Brains,
Al Green, Tom Waits, Wilco, The Strokes, Sublime, and many more.

Fleeting Trance has toured independently in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, St. Paul, Honolulu, Tuscon, Minnesota and many odd places in between.
Slowly word of mouth spreads on this band and patiently they wait knowing larger audiences are being turned on.

All capable musicians in their own right,
Fleeting Trance has drawn some of the following press:

"Always evolving, their sound changes from moment to moment, from elegant and smooth to sloppy and chaotic.
Lyrics to the group's original songs tend to be thoughtful and philosophical without being too weighty. They're simple inquiries into the intricacies of day-to-day life."

Deb Winters
The Independent 8/7/01

"they have a refreshing amount of raw wit, which can manifest itself on stage in ways that might actually draw you to the dance floor"

Brandon Sheaffer
The Mammoth Times 9/13/01

"A great bunch of instrumentalists...leap(ing) from one style to another between songs. First some building stoner/droner spacerock and then a total 180 into a few peppy indie pop numbers--real honest-to-pete indie pop with happy melodies and bright lyricism. Then an unexpected detour into'70's reggae...a great show."

D.J. Mystery Guest
KUSF 90.3 FM 1/2/01

"The up and coming Fleeting Trance finished the night by effortlessly alternating upbeat reggae and suave R and B. Their slick single “Berry Haze” was soulful enough to prompt tangible dancing in the audience.

Front man, Manasseh's refreshingly unpretentious and striking vocals set fluidly against the noticeably experienced musicians. This made for one hell of a finish to an already great show."

West Coast Performer 4/6/2002

You can check Fleeting Trance out on the world wide web @ www.fleetingtrance.com


Somewhere Square

Written By: Manasseh Bernal

Somewhere Square
somethings round somehwere square
I like you in your underwear
but I don't mind
wasting time
if I feel like theres something there
myself taken way too deep
waking you from slumber's sleep
through the halls with the noisy sounds
silence comes and soon confounds
your reason or your way of life
only you can cause you strife
please keep like an angel near
I'll call you honey
you call me dear
if thats the way life should be
ruin your plans for ecstasy
if thats the way you truly feel
I wont think to ever steal
a kiss or hug for myself
Lets talk about something else

Tireless Supporter

Written By: Manasseh Bernal

Tireless Supporter
I'm a tirless supporter
of the things you love to do,
of those things you love to prove
Your so sure you made a living
you think you'll never fall
your sharp
your on the ball
but you can't see
my point of view
its a waste of your time
if theres no one to tell you right or wrong
I guess you'll learn it in a song


Fleeting Trance
soon to be released on Last Stop Records

Set List

Oh My
Spent On Forever
Working On The Floor
The First Thing You Want
Somewhere Square
Tireless Supporter