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Fleet Street @ The Carlisle Dungeon

Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA

Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA

Fleet Street @ Johnny Joe's

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

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Born from the ashes of the dreaded Goblin Horde, the proud members of Fleet Street rock with the power of Ganashi. Despite lavish backgrounds, they came together to show the world that the power of metal has not died, but still flourishes with the rage of a flaming demigod. Flaming as in "on fire." Not gay. Nevermind.

Zeke Merrick the Zombie King (Chris Williams) - The future of all mankind can be easily summed up in one word: Armageddon. The towers have fallen and nuclear bombs wreak havoc upon the earth, creating a desolate wasteland fit for no one. Except the Zombie King and his hand picked plague of otherworldly warriors. During the great undead battle of 2245, the Zombie King and Damien Drake, leader of the opposing vampire army were locked in a vicious bout of ethereal metal licks and brain melting vocal transcendence that could rival the gods. Their mind numbing showdown was such that the laws of time and space were rendered powerless, bringing forth a mystifying tunnel to the past. Thus beginning his journey towards a new future...

Satan's Teddy Bear (Taylor Zercher) - Crafted in the vicious hellfires of "Build A Bear" emerges Satan's Teddy Bear, a ferocious, fluffy demon with an angelic surface and the rampaging soul of the Dark Lord of the Underworld. Your friend till the end, as long as you can withstand his destructive guitar work unleashed upon the world of man. The satanic paws of this filthy maggot ridden beasty will thrash upon the six string with the very same luster he'd use to bring about your untimely demise. Be prepared for the end of all things, for Satan's Teddy Bear will bring you to eternity with a G-Rated scream-along in his heart.

Damien Drake, the Lord of Darkness (Adrian Drake)- Bitten and transformed by Count Dracula himself, Damien Drake was unwittingly cast upon a new path riddled with blood and the corpses of the living. After 600 years of death and destruction, Drake realized that his true power was being fettered by his master. In order to rise to the level of infamy that he knew he deserved, he destroyed Dracula and the man that so unjustly portrayed his race in the eternal pages of fiction. After dispatching Bram Stoker, Damien Drake, now known as the Lord of the Darkness knew that he must destroy the renegade zombie horde as his first act of lordship. An epic battle proceeded, however, that's another story...

Sir Kulish, the Kraken Slayer (Chris Kulish) - An orphaned son of a wealthy merchant family and rescued by the studious monks of a forgotten deity, Sir Kulish strived towards enlightenment at every turn. Sent on a quest for the monastery, Sir Kulish found himself in the haunted waters of Redbeards domain. Upon casting his line, he's met with the burning eyes of the legendary sea beast, the Kraken. The dreaded creature swallowed our hero whole and Sir Kulish was thrust into the belly of the beast. Driven only by his desire of freedom and his inevitable destiny as the forebear of the word of Ganashi, he unleashed the only power at his disposal. With a destructive tom roll and a crash of his mighty cymbals, the Kraken fell with a defeated wail of pain and despair. Sir Kulish emerged unharmed, knowing only that his future as the right hand of Ganashi had been sealed.

Redbeard the Pot Smoking Pirate Ghost (Brandon Coll)- Redbeard, the scourge of the seven seas for his twenty years as a bloodthirsty pirate came upon a new land that provided him the means to ignore his nagging wife without getting into trouble. During a routine high seas robbery, Redbeard, after inhaling a vast quantity of his new favorite "snack", decided that walking the plank with his pants down would be a thrilling way to intimidate his mutinous crew. With a smack on his uncommonly smooth bottom, Redbeard leaped into the stormy waters, never to be heard of again. But old fishermen legends tell a different story. If you find yourself lost near Redbeards oceanic grave, be wary. For if you see a cloud of dense smoke, hear a berating scream at a chef that just can't seem to cook fast enough, and a flaming beard accompanied by the dulcet tones of an unholy organ, you may have stumbled across the ghost of Redbeard.

Drawn together by the ungodly powers of Conrad Johnson, these young fellows joined forces to bring a new form of power to the world of man. The power of metal...