Flesh Gordon

Flesh Gordon


Great catchy hook filled grab you and suck you in music.


Hello friends this is Flesh Gordon - please take a moment to give me a listen. I write , sing and compose tight cutting edge rock that combines many influences of goth/glam/hardrock and metal all blended together to give me my own unique style .To me songwriting is like painting a picture i like to create moods and emotions with the colors of sound. My songwriting allows the listener to go on a dynamic journey of groove filled hooks and sweet sonic melodies. For maximum effect i break out with full force only when absolutely necessary which works well for my music and were it is called for. The song "Sandy" will grab you and suck you in with its haunting Bowie-esque style vocals and its seductive tones. The atmospheric chug will be milked for all its worth. I am a singer,songwriter, guitarist that you'll find to be seductive, deep groovin' and refreshingly original. My music is straight ahead, riff oriented rock and roll, that is raw, stripped down, and sometimes detuned, with some haunting song lyrics.All my songs rock out, and yet some of them have a dark, somber feel for that entrancing/seducing/hypnotic effect. If you're in the mood for songs that grab ya check me out!!! thanks FLESH GORDON.


currently 1 full cd 12 tracks in all
titled Flesh Gordon

Set List

my set list consists of 30 songs recorded and unrecorded.