Flesh Graey Display

Flesh Graey Display


We are the originators of the category "Synth-Punk". It is an intermingling of strangely powerful electronic minimalistic analog sounds alongside the grossly ghostly existential ravings of a future seeing lunatic. We are here with a warning. Listen carefully.


Flesh Graey Display draws much influence from the 1970-1980's post punk era. We use instruments that are unusual in that they are purely analog synths, they are used in a minimalistic art studio fashion. The vocals are harsh and more aggressive then most punk bands. The lyrics are of an abandoned and seperated soul, warning people in many different ways of the dangers of the direction our society is in.


Target En Duo

Written By: 8*

You are the prize,
a hearts desire
breath like blue
violent poinsettias too.

You are the prize,
what I had wanted
what I had hoped for
what I believed in,

What I couldn't touch.

if you
colors en duo
scarlet in hue
(started with you)

You are the prize,
my ultimate desire.

What I can hope for
is scarlet in hue.
red and blue
poinsettia too.
but it hurts too much,
to look at you.

So I'd hope
with posey's two,
i'm hoping it didn't confine you

wherever you are,
scarlet in hue.

but i'd hope
to find you in piece
what i didn't hope
was scarlet en duo.

to make that search
for black roses, blue.
in leprosy,
an alternate view

You are the target,
love is a play
en duo sharp things,
then look to the edge.

so i wrote these words
of hope
to find you in piece
you're not able to
scarlet apart, my hope is glued.

give me a pardon
thats red and blue
violet poinsettias
yellow tulips two,
all of these flowers
searching for you
all of these things
hope they'd find you.

You were the target
I was seeing you.
You were the target
I searched for you
You were the target,
you were in my scopes
clutching you, knowing I don't have no hope.
lash, lash, dare.

beautiful thing
scarlet en duo
the black rose i searched for,
I couldnt find you.
the black rose i searched for,
was scarlet en duo
the black rose i searched for,
the petals en duo
the black rose i searched for,
the petals embued



Look for our tracks on the Wierd Records Compilation.

Also look for several LP and EP releases that we have self released, and are widely distributed world wide.

Just put the key word "Flesh Graey Display" in google...

Set List

All songs done live are completely improvised and different every single time we hit the stage. The only similarity of the songs are the style, which could be described as a new genre that we like to call "Synth-Punk".