Flesh on Fridays

Flesh on Fridays


Dominating every aspect of metal, rock and jazz. Flesh On Fridays takes metal to a new level. Bone crushing rhythms, dismembering leads, fronted by terrorizing screams is the sound that makes Flesh On Fridays.


Flesh on Fridays is based out of Toronto, Ontario. The loud dominating sound projecting from this band could be described as Deathmetal/Grindcore, with influences from virtually every aspect of heavy metal, in addition with rock and jazz influences. The gut-wrenching high and low screams, are provided by the terror from within Daron "They Won't Stay Dead" De Ronov. The dismembering crunch of the rythym guitar is forcfully ground out by Mark Nocera underneath the sonic leads of Steve Butler. Painful pounding of the low-end is produced by George De Ronov, and the bone-crushing blasts are delivered by Jay Nocera. Our accomplishments include playing a wide variety of shows around southern Ontario promoting the local metal scene. One of which was a tribute to Darrell "Dimebag" Abbot (hosted by CIUT 89.5) as well as a benefit for the Womens habitat shelter. We placed 2nd out of 153 bands in a battle of the bands competition hosted by D.C. Music. We have been the opening act for such bands as Unexpect, (the) Plasmarifle, Ion Dissonance, Closed Casket Funeral, Threat Signal, Nitemare, Tripcord, Unloco and Bloodshoteye. Flesh on Fridays were also the main focus in interviews with Ignition Live and by Claire from SacredEmbrace.com. Our ultimate goal will be to tour around the world and bring our own vision of metal to everyone. ..


Flesh On Fridays
[Self-Titled Demo]
1.Ruthless Doctrine
2.Doom's Day

Set List

45 min. set

- Homicidal Rivalry
- Topsy Scurvy
- Doom's Day
- Scratch it, with my Hatchet
- Bloody Blasphemy
- Untitled
- Killing Season
- Cannibal Hector
- Ruthless Doctrine
- Vagilence
- New Song