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Flesh Weapon

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"Interview with SF-based internet radio's "Unbound Sound" show."

An interview from June of 2011 with Flesh Weapon speaking to Phil on the "Unbound Sound Show" on fccfreeradio.com Full interview starts half way through after first band in studio. - fccfreeradio.com

"Aims Radio Interview"

An interview with Flesh Weapon from 2011 with Colorado-based Aims Radio college station. - Aims Radio

"Flesh Weapon Releases Industrial Hip-hop rock EP"

Who else would mix sampling horror tracks with hip-hop? In Flesh Weapon’s live performances, they recreate their intricate sound in front of a live audience using Ableton Live along with various midi controllers and guitar – it’s a marvel of music, technology, and delicious thriller. - ReleaseWire.org

"San Jose Music Group Flesh Weapon Releases First Full-Length Album “Future(Expensive)”"

“Future(Expensive)” is easily the most thought-provoking and talented project to emerge from the genre in over a decade, with rhythm and bass oozing from its every seam, brutal honesty and intellect from every line. - Mi2N Music Industry News Network

"Infected Band Of The Week: Let’s Head To San Jose To Check Out Flesh Weapon"

Mixing horror samples with hip-hop, these guys definitely bring their love of the horror genre into their music! - BLOODY-DISGUSTING.COM


Future(Expensive), (April, 2012).

The Further, (March, 2011)

The Brutal Honesty Single, (March, 2010)



The San Jose based music group Flesh Weapon consists of four official members: Ryan Brindle (Lead Guitar), Jason Franks aka Nos LeRatZ (vocals / midi instruments), Paul Dommert aka Paulie Gone (vocals / midi instruments), and Todd Graham aka Toad (vocals / guitar).

Flesh Weapon (FW) has been in existence for approximately 3 years. During that time the trio spent many hours behind closed doors at their studio fleshing out ideas and developing the foundation for what it has now become. In an effort to showcase their technical prowess, the group has constructed a live performance rig encompassing live guitar, midi, and Ableton Live to re-create their intricate sound in front of a live audience.

Paul and Jason began making music together in 2001. At that time, Paul was a member of the Hip Hop collective Euphonic Flux. Jason was in the midst of writing his second solo project; a spoken word / trip hop experiment entitled The Poetree, but was also looking to collaborate with others.

Shortly thereafter, Euphonic Flux disbanded and Paragraphics Music (PGFX) was founded by Paul, Jason and two other childhood friends with similar musical tastes. After several solo projects and a couple group efforts, PGFX dissolved but remained a close-knit support group for each others’ endeavors.

Jason subsequently released a solo album entitled “Don’t Drink The Kool-Aide” as NoS LeRatZ. In the meantime Paul, under the moniker Head Rush, put out “The Junkie Rooster EP” while heading up the hip duo, Brain Cell Massacre.

The two had always longed for a time that they could fuse their talents and forge a new sound. That time came in 2009 when the duo, then known as Modus Ops, holed up in the studio to do just that. Many late nights turned into early mornings that yielded draft versions of a half dozen tracks.

At this point, they decided to reach out to Todd Graham. Todd had 20 plus years of experience as a vocalist under his belt in addition to his skills on the guitar, piano and saxophone. Although Todd had been gigging with bands since the age of 15, his most recent venture was as the lead vocalist in the heavy metal group Dimidium whom he joined in 2005.

Todd was excited at the prospect of something fresh and new. Knowing that he would be working with two respected studio producers and lyricists, Todd decided to join up and “rep the Weapon.” Todd’s vocal prowess, along with his ability to play multiple instruments, made him a quality addition to an already solid foundation.

Ryan Brindle joined the team in January of 2012 just as the group was putting the finishing touches on their first full length release, "Future(Expensive)." Drawing upon influences ranging from jazz, metal and blues, Ryan's versatile background has been influential to the band's songwriting process and live application.