By now you've probably heard all about The Killers and Panic! At The Disco, but those aren't the only bands to erupt from Las Vegas lately. Record labels have been flocking to the desert city to find that next big band. There's a buzz on the streets of Sin City, and the new buzzword is 'Fletch'.


To say that Fletch, one of the youngest pro rock bands in the nation, has come incredibly far in very short period of time, would be a gross understatement of the facts. With just over a year since their very first live performance ever, it's difficult to imagine these teen rockers could have since shared the stage with Panic! At The Disco, Avenged Sevenfold, Hoobastank, Paramore, Bayside, Halifax, The Lashes, Amber Pacific, The Junior Varsity and about 15 other well known national acts, but they have. And if that wern't enough, they're already scheduled to perform with Train, Jack's Mannequin, Social Distortion, Flogging Molly, Saving Jane and a slew of other chart toppers as well. How is it possible? Well, they just didn't realize it wasn't, so they did it anyway.

Here are a few more mind boggling details of Fletch's rise to star status in their hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada.

-On April 23 of last year Fletch performed their first show ever. They headlined it, sold it out in advance, and hired 3 other locals to support. There were still anxious teens outside the 350 capacity venue, so they ran the show again the following weekend and sold out again! At the time, Las Vegas local shows were typically '5 bands for 5 bucks'. The Fletch show? ...$10, each night. On their own, the band rented the theater, printed the tickets, promoted the show on their myspace page, personally delivered tickets to home and schools, played the shows, and walked away with a tidy $4,000 profit after expenses. Not bad for the debut performance of a band who's members had never been on stage before! A fluke? Hardly. Fletch have been racking in local attendance ever since, with attandance numbers increasing.

-On June 16th, 2005, just 2 months after their first performance in Vegas, Fletch left their desert home to perform in Phoenix, Tucson, Albuquerque, Las Cruces, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, College Station, Little Rock and Nashville. Through door sales and merchandise, the band was able to tour profitably. Without exception, in every city, the bands myspace 'friends' turned out to see them.

On August 5, 2005, Fletch signed on as exclusive promoters for the theater they had rented for their first show. They renamed the establishment, 'The Alley', and subsequently turned it into one of the most popular all age venues in the country. As concert and event promoters/venue operators, Fletch, and an army of volunteers, brought the previously dormant Las Vegas local music scene to national attention.

Shortly thereafter, Fletch established their own record label (and have since secured national distribution by forming a strategic alliance with Battleborn Records in Reno).