Fleur Mainville

Fleur Mainville

 New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, CAN

A rolling adventure of old school fiddle prowess and surging rock energy.



Her boldness to mix driving mainstream beats with traditional fiddle licks has created an audaciously intriguing and alluring album. Whether it is her haunting bluegrass folk vocals or her catchy re-inventions of melodies, Fleur Mainville joyously rewrites the book on what fiddle music can be.
If the sound of the fiddle stirs the blood and makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end, you’ll find it hard to stay in your seat when fiddling sensation Fleur Mainville takes the stage. Mainville’s infectious music blend of electrifying traditional celtic folk and rock is engaging and best of all, appeals to fans of all ages.
Since first appearing on the music scene over 20 years ago, it’s impossible not to be caught up in the energy Mainville brings to every show with her dynamite stage presence. In the fall of 2011, Fleur Mainville’s newest recording, Once, was released to rave reviews. It contains dynamic and vibrant sounds of the fiddle along with Mainville’s sweet voice on lead vocals for a number of songs. Mixed with musical ingredients of acoustic guitar, bass, pulsating percussion and vocal harmonies make Once one of the rarest treasures found this year on the east coast.


Finding Treasures 2001

It's About Time 2006

"Fleurries" Christmas Album 2008

My Rare One 2009

Pictou County Fiddle Tunes-Book and Audio CD 2010

Once 2011
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Maurice Poirier - Behind A Voice
Dave Gunning - Caught Between Shadows
Steven Bowers - Homing
Ashley George-Next Goal Wins
Ashley George-Life Strikes Again
Stu Marchand-Industry Town
Kev Corbett-Son Of A Rudderless Boat
Jim Dorie-Something Happend
Dave Gunning-A Tribute to John Allan Cameron
Steven Bowers-Beothuk Words
Christina Martin-Sleeping With A Stranger
Atlantic Standards-Kitchen Party