Flexx Bronco

Flexx Bronco

 San Francisco, California, USA

Boat loads of fun! Not to be missed LIVE, Flexx Bronco's stage show drops jaws, melts faces and evaporates women's underwear into a fine pink mist. With their cock-sure approach, they will take you straight from six to midnight. Flexx Bronco is awesome!


Flexx Bronco is the real deal from San Francisco, California. Everything they do is derived from within. Their writing style, based on collective experiences, influences and lifestyle, exposes many truths found while touring and living it over the past decade. Flexx Bronco is not just a “Rock N' Roll” band. While that is at the heart of what they do, more aptly they embody the essence of it.

“A venomous potion somewhere in between, boogie, punk and hard rock, with hard riffing, bold punk attitude and bourbon raining over every tune." (-WWW.AUDIODROME.IT - 2010)

Rooted in all aspects of outlaw, Flexx Bronco's influences draw from the bad boys of just about every guitar based genre. The typical Flexx Bronco set spans a variety of genres, ranging from country to rock, blues to pop and alternative, all firmly rooted in the heartbeat of punk rock.

The four members of Flexx bronco; Filthy, Eroc, Guy Thunderbird and Thor Bigsby come from very different backgrounds, and once musically combined their songs epitomize explosive, eccentric Rock and Roll decadence. Flexx Bronco takes the listener through the ages with drunken country sing- alongs, heavy garage blues, and then with a single down- beat, jetting them off on a lightning fast full- throttle punk and roll onslaught.

Flexx Bronco have played over three hundred shows in the last several years, sharing the stage with such phenomenal acts such as the Supersuckers, Agent Orange, The Bronx, Throw Rag, The Black Halos, Tesla, Sammy Hagar and Death by Stereo to name a few. The bands juxtaposition of old school work ethic and vivacious musical passion exudes in their dynamic stage shows, ensuring their fans a true rock and roll experience each time around. Flexx Bronco lyrics drench the soul like the first shot of bourbon to kick off an explosive night.

"I actually had more fun listening to the Flexxies than I did listening to Springsteen the other night." - (Steven Seaweed, 107.7 the Bone FM, Apr '09)

“Volume 2 – showcases Flexx Bronco at their hard-edged best.” -(Sean Thompson SF Examiner '09) What more would one expect from SF's best drawing local Rock/Punk band, packing in fans at National venues such as the Paradise Lounge and Bottom of The Hill. Flexx Bronco was voted “SF's Favorite Live Punk Band” in The SF Bay Guardian's Best of the Bay '08 and “Best Local Rock Band” in SF Weekly's Best of The Bay '09. Vol.2 is the first official release by Flexx Bronco as a four piece and solidifies their sound as more melodic, confident songwriters and performers.

With successful headlining tours on the west coast, the band looks forward to maintaining their role as best pick for national support slots on the local level, as well as support for headliners on the national and international circuit.

Sometimes you just want some “Really good music to listen to while putting down a few cold ones” (- BigWheel Magazine – 2010) Flexx Bronco can you give you that and then some.

Check www.myspace.com/flexxbronco or www.flexxbronco.com for more details. To contact the band directly, send inquiries to info@flexxbronco.com or call: 415-341-7203 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              415-341-7203      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              415-341-7203      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              415-341-7203      end_of_the_skype_highlighting


Dead Man

Written By: Flexx Bronco

A Dead Man don't tell no lies.

Northern Lights

Written By: Flexx Bronco

I see the lights on nebraska's highway, on a long long whiskey road, got to much trouble within, now i'm buried in sin, the northern lights are guiding me home.


Volume I - 6 Track E.P. produced by Roger Somers (Rage Against the Machine, Rod Stewart) - 2006

Volume II - (produced by Flexx Bronco, Patrick B. and the Different Fur crew, Enrique Gonzalez) - 2010 - OUT NOW!

Set List

typically 25 - 60 minute set, mostly all originals with an occasional cover.