Flhip Flhop

Flhip Flhop

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A Hip Hop comedy theatre show, in which two b-boys with amazing skills in dancing, singing, DJing, beatboxing and acting, have to work as painters in the flat of their famous DJ friend, but they don't get much painting done, because they "live the dream". An hilarious new take on Hip Hop!


This show was originally created by Rannel Theater in the UK and performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2009, where it became a huge audience hit. Theater Mogul have aquired the license for the German speaking market and are currently recreating the show with two of the best multitalents in the German Hip Hop scene. This show will tour theaters and Music festivals from March 2010 onwards.

Set List

we just have this 80 minute show, but we can do great 20 minute or 40 minute exerpts of it as well if required at festivals.