FLIGHT is an aggressive-but-happy alternative rock trio from New York City. Magazines have categorized their style somwhere between Foo Fighters, Blink 182 and Coldplay. Their new CD, "The New Brand in Rock" captures their powerful live sound, and features the single "I Want You (to be real)".


In a world where expensive cars, drinks, and clothing dominate lyrics and music videos, FLIGHT is a refreshing change toward reality. Their independently released debut, “The New Brand in Rock”, contains singles that combine New York City’s edge with radio-friendly hooks. Opting for topics that challenge the inescapable faux glamour life, they realize that finding oneself is much more difficult than wearing a blanket of tattoos. Their hope is to replace the anger and jealousy present in alternative pop with fun, and to have people re-evaluate their lives while kicking with a smile in a mosh pit. That’s quite a task for a band of the media generation.
FLIGHT’s first release, “I Want You (to be real)” blatantly attacks the materialism regarded by modern society as success. As he searches for someone ‘real’, he expresses his disinterest in name brands, BMW’s and implants. The song has a power punk feel with seamless, changing tempos, 3-part harmonies, and a hooking chorus. “We felt our first release should be simple and direct to make a point to pop culture while speaking their language.”
“In creating this compilation, we had the luxury of having no deadlines - simply to record a song whenever we had an idea. I’m glad we took our time with this project. Too often, bands have to meet strict record company deadlines, forcing them to take one decent idea and fill in the gaps with fluff. When writing the music, we often dismantled several ‘decent’ rhythms and melodies from our songs, and pasted the best pieces together to form one solid song. We’ve had so many people supporting our music over the years, we hope people have fun with it and use it to change their lives for the better.” # # #
USA Contact Information: FLIGHT
140 East 7th St
New York, NY 10009
(212) 828-0841 flightrocks@hotmail.com


I Want You (to be real)

Written By: ed kalotkin

I don't care about your name brands
I don't care about your BMW
I don't care about your guest pass
I don't care who your friends are

Everybody wants to be misleading
Everybody wants to play the glamour game

I don't care about your implants, diamonds, leer jet, beach house

I want you, I need you to be real

I don't care about your new threads, trust fund, tattoos, piercings


"The New Brand in Rock" [2004]
featuring "I Want You (to be real)"

Set List

All original songs!!!! Set is typically just under an hour.

- I Want You (to be real)
- Shut You Up
- Change My Life
- One Dember night
- Again
- Koro
- Feel So High
- Giving Up 'Now
- Happy
- Please Tell Me
- Words Come Back
- I Can't Help Myself