FLIGHT’s indie rock style combines the drive of Bloc Party, with simple hooks and melodies reminiscent of Coldplay, with danceable, hypno-rock grooves similar to Secret Machines & Radiohead.


FLIGHT’s music may be the bridge which takes the edge of NYC’s underground indie rock scene to mainstream radio – without selling-out. Their music combines the drive of Bloc Party & Foo Fighters, with simple hooks and melodies reminiscent of Coldplay & Gomez, with underlying danceable, hypno-rock grooves hinting to Secret Machines & Radiohead. Their sound is 9 years in the making, and their new CD (Delayed in Reykjavik) truly captures their innovative genre.The band’s history combines Berklee College of Music dropouts, Ivy League scholars and studio musicians with long resumes. The band’s new lineup came together in true Craigslist fashion in 2006.FLIGHT’s live music are on par with the big names. Seemless transitions, danceable rock grooves, guest belly dancer and didgeridoo solos, and glow sticks, make the audience become part of the experience.


Delayed in Reykjavik (2006) currently in studio
The New Brand in Rock (2004) airplay
airplyShut Up Already (2000) airplay

Set List

- December
- Again
- Running Out of Time
- Waiting on the Outside
- Always Gotta Have the Best Thing
- Take Me Higher
- I Can’t Help Myself
- Change My Life
- Feel So High
- Be Real
- of Seven Nations Army with Didgeridoo Solo