Flight From Below

Flight From Below

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Flight From Below is a band dedicated to engaging this generation. With musical style ranging from pop/punk to hardcore, FFB seeks to play music with the purpose of building relationships and spreading God's kingdom on the earth.


Flight From Below came together as young high school boys in 2008 for a school worship project aimed at engaging youth in worship on monday mornings. This ongoing project allowed the guys to come together as brothers and experiment with their growing passion for music and performance. As time passed, original songs began to formulate and in the fall of 2008, FFB recorded their debut 'Reconciled To Home EP' with producer Trey Rick and released it in January of 2009. Over the course of 2009, the band began gaining experience in both booking and marketing, seeking to build up a positive music scene in their home-town of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. In the spring of 2010, Flight From Below entered and won a spot on the Cornerstone New Band Showcase, paving the way for a summer tour that would radically change the band from the inside out. Fresh off of Cornerstone, FFB suffered dramatic member changes, financial calamity, and a general loss of hope. However, by the time Thanksgiving week rolled around, a new EP was being produced by FFB's very own Mark Wheat. Also in the works was a Christmas break tour including a two week trip to Kenya, Africa. While in Africa, FFB's new lineup was able to lead worship at a mission conference in Nairobi, preach and minister to Mossai churches, work in an orphanage, and spend two days working in the Kibera slums of Nairobi, Kenya. The day after FFB's return to the states in January of 2011, a release show was held for the Hypocrites Lair EP and started the band off on a short string of show dates before school and work began anew. As of right now, the band is preparing to release their first full length record and support it on the road this summer. Flight From Below is very excited for both the joys and trials of the year to come. All praise and Glory to Jesus Christ forever.

FFB's influences range from Anberlin, Blink-182, A Day To Remember, Mayday Parade, and Moneta, to Underoath, and Ascend the Hill.


Debut EP: 'The Reconciled To Home EP'
Produced by: Trey Rick
Mixed by: Trey Rick
Mastered by: Troy Glesner at Spectre Studios
Debut single: "Miserable But Worth It" (has had radio play)

Sophomore EP: 'Hypocrites Lair EP'
Produced by: Mark Wheat
Mixed by: Mark Wheat
Mastered by: Mark Wheat
Sophomore single: "Hypocrites Lair"

Set List

Spilt Milk
MIserable But Worth It
Hypocrites Lair
Sons Of Light
How He Loves