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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Duo Hip Hop




"FlightKlub Feelin Great"

The rap duo has linked up with ATL production legends Nard and B to handle the production available on iTunes - Broke2dope.com


Click the link and check out Atlanta, Ga dynamic duo, FlightKlub’s new single “Feeling Great”. The rap duo also linked up with production legends Nard and B to handle the production. Support the indie hustle and grab this song on iTunes. Also visit their site, FlightKlubATL.com - TeamFlatRadio.com

"Recognize Rap Interview w/ FlightKlub"

I read that you two first met each other years ago while working at a Chili’s restaurant. Since you first starting making music together, how has your chemistry as a duo evolved? Has your style changed much over the years?
Yeah we did meet each other at Chili's working there years ago. But since we started making music together, the duo has evolved tremendously. Not only on a personal level, and a music level. This my brother over here, we help guide each other in life as well as in the music, we're able to tell each other what's right and what's wrong. That's always gonna be a great chemistry in the duo. The style has changed a little bit over the years, we dibbled and dabbled into the club scene.

Last year you released the extremely catchy single, “Mike Lowrey”. How has the buzz from that record helped your campaign?
The single "Mike Lowrey" really helped us expand out into the night life and club scene, it even helped us tap into the FM radio. Some really big shows, people really remember us when we perform that song, and we really appreciate what it's doing for us as far as our performances and career. You can also get that song on iTunes, so make sure y'all go get that.

Being a rap duo from Atlanta, you two must get a lot of Outkast comparisons. Is this something that frustrates you, or do you view the comparison as a compliment?
Yeah you know we thrive to be just as successful as Outkast was. Being that they're a duo and OG's out the ATL and we're a young duo coming up, it's kinda similar how they met. They met at a young age, we met at a young age, and our music is different in an aspect like theirs was at the time. We're not like any other Atlanta rappers right now, our sound is different. I feel like believe it or not the Outkast comparisons we don't get those, but aye it'd be dope as fuck if we can, we'd appreciate anyone listening to our music out there.

There are a countless number of upcoming rappers that are looking to become the next big thing from Atlanta. Knowing this, what tactics do you guys use to separate yourself from the crowd?
We try not to surrender to stereotypes that are made about Atlanta music. We try to stay in our own lane as far as the music. We try to be trendsetters, we wanna own everything.

We bosses, we ain't trying to sound like any other rappers, no disrespect.

You’ve performed at several local venues around the city. What is the most memorable experience you’ve had while performing?
We have our own personal memorable experience, and then we have a duo memorable experience while performing. My own personal memorable experience was last summer, we performed for Austin's Barber Shop's block party at Sky Lounge. Shout out to Austin's Barber Shop, y'all go get your haircut out there. We performed at their block party, and we ain't know nobody besides the few people that we brought in the crowd. I swear the reaction was so crazy, you know what I'm sayin' when I tell you that's the most love we've ever got. We really appreciated it, we ain't know nobody in the crowd and we gained a lot of fans that night.

My most memorable experience on stage would be probably be the BET Awards pregame show. One because there's a lot of artists that don't get shows on the weekend, so I was just excited that we were performing on the big night, the big weekend. Also with a major artist, that shit was cool. Shout out Lil Scrappy.

I guess as a duo, our most memorable performance was at Signature Lounge, it actually has to do with "Mike Lowrey". We performed at Signature Lounge in order to get our track featured on FM Radio, Hot 107.9. Shout out to J-Nix and E.T. Redd Dread salute we appreciate everything y'all did for us man.

Activis recently discontinued the production of their promethazine-codeine cough syrup due to its unlawful and dangerous use. In Atlanta especially, codeine is a very popular drug. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this will help move hip-hop in the right direction, or could the lack of “lean” backlash in Atlanta and potentially turn violent?
Yeah they did discontinue the product, but who's to say there's not a stash somewhere, you know what I'm sayin'. Lean has been around for a long time, I'm sure one of these rappers got some shit somewhere. In Atlanta man it's popular, in Houston it's popular, everywhere in the south pretty much, but I don't think it has an effect on their rap, they might rap about it, so I don't think it's gonna backlash in Atlanta and potentially turn violent. Nah, you know what I mean, nah that's a little too much for lean.

What’s the best advice you two have ever received as rap artists?
The only way to really get better at this stuff is repetition. Repetition makes perfect, you constantly consistently in the studio working on your craft, because it is a craft you know what I mean. The more you work at it the better you get at it. The more you stay focused on what you're doing and making sure that your product is good quality, you'd be straight.

My best advice would be just learn to learn the business of this music. Not only record, there's more to it than just recording and music, how you gonna get the people to hear it? You gotta promote it, we gotta be out there, and that's one of the things that we're great at. We're getting better everyday, and that's what separates FlightKlub from a lot of other up-and-coming independent artists.

Besides yourself, who’s currently your favorite rapper from Atlanta?
My favorite rapper from Atlanta right now is Que. Bro done put out hot music in the last year, they've been singles and all of them been poppin'. So I'm fuckin' with Que right now he's one of my favorite rappers from Atlanta.

I'd have to say Rich Homie Quan. I like the way he constructs his sound, his sound crazy you know what I'm sayin'. He makes good music, he's consistent.

What moves can we expect FlightKlub to make in 2014?
Look out for more shows from FlightKlub. Catch us in your city or in Atlanta. If you're in Atlanta I'm sure we got a show, look us up. Follow us on twitter @FlightKlubATL. Make sure y'all go do that. We got the Link Up project we working on now, we're looking to release that in July. We're looking to release the EP in the fall on iTunes, and start working on the album towards the end of the year. It's take flight or get flown over man.

Also y'all go get that "Feelin Great" produced by Nard & B on iTunes. Y'all go get that, y'all go get "Mike Lowrey," y'all go get the mixtapes on Datpiff.com. Just google FlightKlub.

Y'all go get everything bruh. Appreciate y'all RecognizeRap, salute. - RecognizeRap.com



Smokers Section EP
Royal Gang EP





FlightKlub is the captivating American Hip Hop duo comprised of Capeaux and Woodz. established in 2010, hailing from Gwinnett County, GA, they record and perform a diverse and unique style of Hip Hop. FlightKlub choice of production along with their socially conscious lyrics allows the duo to fetch a fresh, distinct, and essential sound to the hip hop landscape. “Road Trip”, FlightKlub’s latest project along with the lead single “Trendin” will be released in Fall 2014. Follow FlightKlub on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, &YouTube;: @FlightKlubAtl.

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