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The Sinwinder Of Ohms

Written By: E.Johnson

I'm like real estate with many estates, no substitutes
a parliment full of armaments
like a avenue with many institutes
a cross section with many selections
my housing is always wired and arousing
intensely provoking, evok ing when I do the strokes
when I emit and prompt that emission
it's full of submission for all its mission

Flyin thru states with low altitude (verse)
Flyin thru states with high altitude
Flyin pass states inverted havin some fun pullin Mach 2

my sidewinders is like blinders, full of sin
thats prurient, long lasting, fast acting and very attaching
so I call it sinwinders, full of massive weaving chemicals
for the etching and that deep seperation
the venom is like ohms, I put the ohm's in venohm
it's verisceral and always peripheral like lake erie
follows that streamlin ing thru your underlining
causes massive swelling for the propell ing
massive swelling for the central blowout
very heat seaking and penetrating
the propensity is intimate, sedimentary and heridetary
pulling up my heads up view screen
and listen to me humm' cause I'm cuming'

Flyin thru states with low altitide (verse 2x)
Flyin thru states with terrain navigation
Flyin thru states with terrain radar
Flyin thru with high altitude inverted havin some fun
pulling Mach 2