Flight is a four-pc indie rock band from Madison, WI. The ensemble, formerly known as Jentri Colello, has garnered local praise from all corners including Muzzle of Bees, The Onion's A.V. Club, ISTHMUS and Madison Area Music Awards. The band has been compared to PJ Harvey, Radiohead and Cat Power


FLIGHT (formerly known as Flatbear led by Jentri Colello)

Here's why [Jentri Colello] stirred up all that talk among local writers, record-store clerks and show-regulars this year. Colello and band actually know how to create a mood with grace and starkness." -- The Onion A.V. Club

"One of the best things brewing in Wisconsin local music...I trust their success to continue well beyond the boundaries of the state line."
-- Muzzle of Bees

"Colello's crew builds the dramatic arc of each of her moody folk-rock tunes with startling control."


Flying Days: Entire Album Lyrics

Written By: Flatbear

DISCO BALL his hellos are solely enterprising/wish I didnt know/but its not so surprising/outfox her love/he walks her through a pinball game/shell learn to shove/shell make the lions come home tame/its true you plead/you send a shiver cause I know you lied to please/I light a match and watch the road/shell sing her vow with Mary Poppins in her head/he dies to wed/Sister Maria how she bled/this blue light is making me feel like I cant take it/it turns out, you tuned out/and I cant see you when you run/my lazybird/I feel the lightning in your call/your every word fed me up a disco ball RATTLED focus alone you know theyll do you wrong/deep in your mind youre old and so far gone/when you get off too easy and take her by the hand/youre all on your own this time/settle for what we can her bed is made/in it for greater good or so they say/as you get off too easy and take him by the hand youre out/you settle/you cant believe our wrong/so rattled you cant conceive our sound/focus alone you know theyll do you right/deep in your mind youre always far too bright/you get off too easy and take her by the hand/youre out/settle for what you can her bed is made/here for greater good or so they say/as you run them into the ground/brazen all around/youre all on your own this time/I'll see you tomorrow/don't just fall away/I'll see you tomorrow let's not just fall away/as you take your fire and run/take your fire and go/take all your fire and go/you settle you cant believe our wrong/so rattled you cant conceive our song/you settle you cant believe our wrong/so rattled you cant conceive our sound/our sound FLYING DAYS I'll wait for your song/when it takes far too long/youre good with your toys/with grease on your face and hands still just a boy/but youre a big Italian man/wont you laugh a little/you wont say why/wont you dance with her/your life/I watch for your eyes/from the reds to the whites/I cant leave your bed/cause that truck hit you pretty damn hard just like they said/but youre still on the wayside/trying to feel a little/you wont say why your flying days are gone to waste/I cant understand/whatd they do to your hands/speak up dont be shy/Roman Catholic basilica is now off your mind/and your big red balloons are all but slain and buried/you wont say why theyre painted all the same/these days BELLOWS this whole town is under water/only kids have found a door/think they'll be the ones to show us how we used to swim before/take your lover to a high ground/leave your china all behind/there's no time to think of feeling/they give us one last chance to fight/so dont cry cry cause your jetskis are gone/dont cry cry/your sole feelings are gone/did you think he would not find you/did you think of other things/its not news til it's about you/you and battled choirs sing/all they want is to be riding/this heavy weather keeping on/two by two they carry bellows/another way you're reaching out/so dont cry cry/his soft feeling/you sole lady are wrong/dont cry cry/you sit alone/were wrong/dont cry cry/we come around/well be back here/dont cry til youre sure theyre gone MICE take another look/hang it up and well see/youre moving like a poltergeist/lay back/way way back/theyll find you in that briar patch/I cant say why youre so afraid/but youd best stand tall when you feel this way/I cant be all they want me to be/so well let them go one by one again/watch them fall back/watch them trickle down your face/theres mouse tracks inside my mouth/we could sing them a song or two/we could build them a house or two/cause they know too much NY do you know that I know that youre in love with someone else/its alright because youre human just like everybody else/but should we still sail away/called my friend up on the phone/he said theres nothing left to be/everybodys too afraid to leave the house and go to sea/so will we just wash away/we could put an end to this/make a promise here and now/or we could leave and see the city/new york city up and down/or we could just walk away SEA OF MONSTERS toss it upward/choose to shoot it like I did before/seeing all our hues/not as sick and stupid as I was before/but I still cant believe/still cant believe that I still can breathe around you/in this sea of monsters/think maybe we could make a getaway/cause you say I cant love/candlelight love is why I run away/but I still cant believe/still cant believe that I still cant breathe around you/you say you will/so I leave my kind/will you take my hand if I take your side/its been a long long time/will I see him here again/had it about to boil into her past/will he give her words up/just enough believing to see her last/you say you will/so I leave my kind/will you take my hand if I take your side/so you say we cant look down/as our feet are off the ground/but we beat back/we say what we can/but to say we cant decide/as we tear it out of mind/you take back all the life in my hands/together we made this blood WAR, IN SEQUENCE so white/too bright/we slow down/but the


Flying Days (LP)
Bird of Prey (EP)

Set List

Crowds Rushing
How to Follow an Iceburg
No Explosions
Human Canon
Sea of Monsters
Can't Find It