the Flight Orchestra is David Wilson with live performance help from Elijah B Torn. Built to be edgy, poetic, disjointed, unfocused, beautifully angry, soft, and tender all at once, presented with an explosive style unique to itself, Flight Orchestra proudly gives itself at each performance.


Flight Orchestra, born circa 2002 in Los Angeles California from David Wilson after he begged the band Arlo (then on Subpop) to take him on tour.

They agreed, Wilson packed his sampler and keyboards and played for anyone that would listen.

Upon returning to Los Angeles, Flight Orchestra formed up and performed regularly as a duo and sometimes trio. Then further were fortunate to share various stages with the likes of the Breeders , Ozma , Electric Eel Shock and many within Los Angeles' hard working and prolific indie music scene.

During this time, Flight Orchestra began to carve his distinct sound.

In 2004 after arranging a "Drawing Straws Event" that pitted 12 bands in one room for an evening and required them to draw straws for the order of performance, he invited and struck a friendship with Octavius, who Flight Orchestra would go on to facilitate Club DATAAGE, a seminal club event based in Chinatown, Los Angeles.

Since 2004 Flight Orchestra has toured United States 3 times and has been a regular fixture in a newly formulated music scene dubbed by its supporters as the "Dataage Scene".

In the past Flight Orchestra has had the distinct pleasure to perform with Thomas Fehlmann of the Orb , edIT , Elijah B Torn , Daedelus , Tehn , Fiction Company , 8 Bit Weapon , Nosaj Thing , BackTednTed, Addicted2Fiction , 11hzRobot , Yip Yip , Alto Clark , Treewave , EMIS , Mochipet , Machinedrum , with IComp , Droid Behavior , Electroinc Sub South , They Control Us , Quaketrap , and Daly City Records crews, and further a cast of many, many, many talent others. Flight Orchestra also has the distinct honor of being one of Los Angeles art collective Hangar 1018's "house bands".

In September 2007 Flight Orchestra gives you his first formal record, THE MILITARY OF FATIMA.


is released
September 2007 via Breathing Room Records.

previous DIY
- Emulator EP
- Ladies and Gentleman introducing new sound additives and preservatives by The Flight Orchestra

Set List

sets range from 20 to 35 minutes.