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Bristol, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

Bristol, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
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"Flights - Stencil Mag Fest Review"

Coming from the South West we have Flights, now these guys have been backed by some pretty big publications and their videos have been seen on various music channels. so expectations were certainly high for the set even before the guys had hit the stage. The band meet the hype with ease and give the audience an electric show, songs like 'The Pretence' and 'Eleven' are really exciting to watch. We felt that the band were a mix of 'Explosions in The Sky' and 'Thrice' which is a bit of an amazing mix really. - Stencil Mag

"Flights The Croft, Bristol 09/06/2011"

The shoe-box dimensions of The Croft's front bar could never satisfactorily accommodate the live output of the likes of Bristol-based post-rockers Flights. The close confines can inevitably serve only to stifle an outfit whose intricate sound deserves close attention. And so it is tonight. Yet look and listen beyond the setting-induced drawbacks, and one thing is clear: Flights are an efficient powerhouse, with a keenly-crafted set of songs that shifts freely between sweetly chiming meditation and controlled metallic devastation.

For a progressive band whose average track length smashes the five-minute barrier, they play a remarkably short set, clocking in at just over half an hour. It's short and sweet, though, and a performance that neatly bottles Explosions in the Sky's open-ranged bliss and the mercurial spikiness of early Biffy Clyro. They open the floodgates with ‘Wires & Code’, the next single from their latest self-titled EP, a soaring emo romp, decorated with streamlined, three-piece harmonies and high-altitude delay. Delicately picked guitars and aerial harmonies are offset by Dean Bowden's glowering bass, which wheels and churns heavily beneath the surface.

“This next track is about a nightmare I had about my flat being broken into”, frontman Joel Pearce tell us by way of an introduction to new track ‘Home Alone’, and his inspiration is aptly contextualised by the menacing, hypnotic ascent of Bowden's low-end. The track builds forebodingly, then, when it reaches a brink, the pay off: a headlong crash of post-rock noises that brings guitarist Joe Newcombe to his knees. A formidable, albeit short-lived set. Next time The Fly catches Flights, we hope they’re playing a venue that allows their sound to breathe.

Jamie Skey - The Fly

"Flights EP Review"

Having already acquired quite a degree of kudos through support slots with Attack! Attack!, Max Raptor and Flood Of Red, this Bristol based quartet have indicated that they're a serious contender in the new progressive rock field. And for the most part, this EP affirms this. 'Flights' offers swathes of stirring, edgy post rock - by turns pensive and furious - powered forward with a sense of urgency. While it occasionally lapses in potency, the whole record rises, falls,refreshing twists and turns in the manner of quality prog concept album. They could help fill the Oceansize shaped hole in our musical landscape yet.. - Rock Sound Magazine (7/10)

"Flights - Review"

You'd think in 2011, bands would be adept at picking google able names. Search for flights and all you get is a barrage of offers to whizz you off to Malaga for 20 quid! Anyway, never mind: this is quality, epic, mathmaticky hardcore for gloomy astrophysicists to get pissed to. (4/5) - Front Magazine 156 (4/5)

"Flights - Flights CD review"

It can be a rare occasion that you get a CD for review that you listen to time and time again simply for the enjoyment of it – the debut release self-titled from Flights is one of these. Since this landed on my doormat, I’ve listened to it countless times; then came the hard bit of transcribing the feelings of love into words. Can I simply say ‘I love this EP and leave it at that’? No? Right, ok then. Flights have the ability to create a huge sound full of intricate guitar changes and big voices. This debut EP from the band really brings a kaleidoscope of sounds to your life, enriching your musical collection and adding another notch into the expanding genre of prog rock. Flights are a band that can’t be seconded guessed; no song ends up as you would expect, so just except that and lose yourself in the sea of their music.

Opener ‘The Pretence’ hooks you in from the opening bars as the power hits you full in the face. Lyrics like “I know it hurts” and “I scream aloud” appear to tap into something within, forcing you to join in with singer Joel. The words tell you that this band have the ability to write lyrics that reach out to you and infect your brain – in the right way of course. One thing you will notice about Flights is the fact that it isn’t just Joel that handles the vocal duties; many of the songs contain three-part harmonies with Dean and Joe, tightly woven into the music. Following on from the opener is the impressive ‘Judge’; starting with a mellow opener, the band create an atmospheric song full of beauty that grows, adding layer upon layer on intricate sounds and melodies. It really does bring new meaning to the word ‘epic’. At seven minutes 45, there could be a worry that ‘Stitched To The Bone’ could be a tad too long, but with this song there is no need to fear. Joel’s breathless shouts graze over a variety of sequence changes that leave you gasping for breath and a double quick drumbeat from Adam that could rival that of any metal band. Then at just under five minutes, it all changes; the music slows and the vocals soften, you feel your heart pounding in your chest as gentle guitar and beat sweeps over you. But they don’t want to leave you on this note, they want you all rattled up again as the pace intensives before the song vibrates to an end.

The tranquillity returns for ‘Charity Calenders’ as Flights lull you into their world creating another atmospheric number full of guitar effects that ripple through, bringing calm to your life. But of course, this is Flights we are talking about; as soon as we are settled, they up the ante and the heavy guitars kick in on full pelt. A purely instrumental track, ‘Charity Calenders’ brings together complex sounds with ease and grace. Nearing the end and we have ‘Wires & Codes’ full of its dynamics and enough complex effects to make your head spin while the vocals take on an almost distant feel to them. As all this is going on, you are fully aware of the solid drumbeat ever-present in the background, doing the job to keep your head going. The final track is ‘The Mapmaker’ which features all the key elements that you grow to expect from this release. The soft vocals are almost chanted as the bed of music continues to rise and fall. The song itself has an element of finality about it that makes it the perfect closer of the six tracks.

This is an impressive debut from a solid band. Keep your eye on these guys; they are sure to make their mark in the near future. Go on, turn the sound up, you know you want to! This is an EP that needs to be played loud out of your speakers, not hidden away in your ears. Go and share with the world, I urge you! - Live Music Scene

"Album Review: Flights - Flights EP"

This self-titled EP sets itself up nicely with ‘The Pretence’, which features a very interesting array of time signatures that keep the intrigue even in the wake of the reliably predictable (but no less enjoyable) arrangement, one with just enough balls to carry the melody without sounding like it’s trying too hard, and reaching that distinction is an achievement that should be applauded.

The pace of this release changes immediately however when the next track kicks in. ‘Judge’ has a beautiful introduction that reminds me of a track from Pillar’s ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ that I would challenge you to name. The eeriness is weaved into the beauty of the track’s instrumentation here in a way that creates an admirable silk cloth of audible treats, and as the guitars once again reach their full throttle and the backing vocals are added to the mix you really get a feel of what this band can achieve, the climax of the song reaching a plane of mastery that has some serious hook potential not to mention that of the line and sinker.

In fact as I get further into the sea of brilliant ideas that forms the tapestry of this release, I am reminded more and more of Pillar, which is no small feat given the epic quality this music and theirs shares, there is really a something special that goes in to making a vocal line sound so triumphant and legendary, something that Flights certainly have in their frankly impressive repertoire. Check out ‘Stitched To The Bone’ for instance, a song I was particularly impressed with, so much that I need not do more than recommend it, hear it for yourself, it’s fairly stunning.

For an EP alone this is incredibly rewarding, but for a debut EP, it is outstanding in its scope and its quality, it has its weaker moments admittedly, ‘Wires and Code’ in particular didn’t sit incredibly well amongst its golden brethren. On the whole however, this band is one to watch.


'Flights EP' by Flights is out now through Big Cartel.

Official Website
Flights on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

Edward Strickson - Alter The Press

"Flights - Review"

Progressive music in all its forms is rarely given the respect it deserves; at its best it pushes the boundaries of a style to yield interesting, challenging and new ideas-to re-invent a style and breathe new life into old forms. At its worst it is merely a series of sometimes indulgent experiments; but the few times it fails are far outweighed by the genuine power to act as fuel for a genre.

When Flights set out to create their self titled E.P, with progressive rock their muse, they had an idea to create music ‘Without any preconceived ideas or boundaries’ and in the interests of cutting to the chase they have done just that, and more.

Approaching ideas from an experimental slant, Flights have opened up some interesting doors, jumping off points that surprise and intrigue right from the opening track "The Pretence". Simultaneously wide-open whilst maintaining a controlled feel - almost to the point of fixation with its melody, "The Pretence" is the starting process of band bearing its soul.

When combining unconventional time signatures and delivery there can be a tendency to drift away from something the listener can hold on to, but Flights guide you by the hand through the ideas, always retaining a semblance of familiarity.

The Flights E.P is a slow burning sway, punctuated with massive gasps of life - "The Judge"'s haunting melody with guitarist Joe Newcombe picking notes and bends that rub against the nerves, creating a striking forward moving tension.

It’s as through Flights are exploring their own sound in public, normally a mistake. It’s this openness that comes to real effect here.

Naturally some comparisons have to be made in order for there to be some introduction - some connection to begin with. Radiohead’s long standing relationship with the alternative and experimental rock is one, but by no means the end - some of the more introverted Dillinger can be heard woven into one of the E.P’s highlights, "Stitched To The Bone".

It’s some feat to make conventional noises sound unconventional, and whereas some parts of Flights' E.P have had to be thought through-multiple vocals for one, there is a feeling that some of these sounds have been beautiful collisions, the vocals with their almost off-mic sound (for example) are just perfect for the disconnected feel, and possibly wouldn’t have been immediately obvious till the final mix. The balanced interplay at 2:50 between bass and drums could have only come from two musicians comfortably sharing the same groove.

With only two days to prepare for the studio, Flights have managed to come very close to capturing their sound in one swift move, and are steps away from defining it, something almost unheard of on a debut.

Flights never really bites in a truly aggressive fashion-although it’s completely possible a long player will. That’s not the point here. Flights gnaws at you leaving a deeper scar, a musical memory that lasts a lot longer. -

"Flights / Hello Lazarus"

I walked away from the first time I saw Flights last year with a lasting impression; a feeling that this was a band that would stay in my life and continue to impress me. Upon receiving their debut EP I knew this to be true, but this gig at the Fleece just further affirmed my first impression. Flights have the ability to sweep you up in their music; allowing the tranquil edge to wash over you before a swift time change shakes you from your calm state and jolts your body into action. Joel’s strong vocals carry evenly over the vocals, further complimented by the tight three-part harmonies that are littered throughout the songs. Musically these guys mix intricate guitar riffs that will mesmerise you, over a solid base created by the drums and bass that will entice your body into moving. Their latest single, ‘The Pretence’ shows the swift changes in their music and their ability to create a song that will wedge itself in your head for all the right reasons. Flights have power behind their songs that continues to grow; no song is the same, yet each created a powerful effect all on its own. These guys are born headliners and can only continue to make more of an impact. - Live Music Scene

"Crystal Clear Music Review"

Hailing from Bristol progressive rock four - piece Flights have been making wave’s within the scene as of late. From headlining venue’s to becoming a supporting act to the likes of Attack! Attack! and now releasing their forthcoming self titled mini-album, they are certainly not to disappoint.

Opener “The Pretence” is a brilliant track to show what this band are about, bursting into heavy prog-rock riffs along with smooth vocals. Bursting with raw power and energy Flights have produced a record which continues to grow and grow throughout each track played, with no song sounding the same. Second track “Judge” proves that Flights are not afraid to go outside of their comfort zone producing a track that explores the depths of their sound.

It’s tracks such as “Stitched To The Bone” and “Wire’s and Code” which leave a lasting impression on my mind. It shows that Flights are excellent at what they do and delivering it to brilliant effect and will surely see them hitting bigger stages in no time. Powerful and Atmospheric is the aim of the game on this self - titled debut, just be sure not to miss this one.

Rating 4/5
- Crystal Clear Music

"Fresh new prog rock from Bristol ready to light up 2011 4/5"

It is always great when you hear something fresh and exciting, especially when it comes from the UK. Flights play a brand of progressive rock music with huge guitar riffs and vocals that compliment this perfectly. The vocals aren't screamed nor shouted, just sung to keep the sound flowing. The boys from Bristol are like a more melodic version of Devil Sold His Soul, I know what you are thinking - "that would probably sound horrible", but somehow Flights do it perfectly an this self-titled six track EP is nothing short of phenomenal. Flights are destined for huge things, 2011 is just the beginning. Tim Birkbeck - Big Cheese Magazine Issue 133


Flights Mini Album
Pretence Single
Wires and Code Single
Eleven/Home Alone Double A-side

Eleven, Pretence and Wires and Code have all received national radio airplay



Since the release of Flights, their critically acclaimed self-titled debut EP in May 2011, the praise has flooded in with reviews and features in major printed and on-line publications, taking in Kerrang!, Rock Sound, Big Cheese, Total Guitar and Front.

The remainder of 2011 saw Flights adding to their impressive support slot résumé of Young Legionnaire, InMe, This Town Needs Guns and TubeLord as they carried out a collection of tour dates across the country.

2011 came to a close with the release of 'Carol Of The Bells', a traditional Christmas folk song, made popular in recent years via the Home Alone movies. It's exceptional execution earned Flights the honour of being named Kerrang! magazine's 'Best New Band Of The Week', resulting in an 'Introducing' feature and premiere of the official music video.

Just over a year since Flights broke onto the scene they returned with the captivating single/video 'Eleven'. The music video for Eleven received extensive play on the UK television channel Kerrang! and the limited run of 100 physical copies sold out within 2 days of going on preorder. National UK magazine Rocksound asked them to record an acoustic session which they aired over 3 weeks and Total Guitar personally asked for an exclusive stream of the single. Add to this a 3 week European tour Flights are well on their way to achieving their huge potential.