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"Radio Airplay"

Los Angeles, CA
--Indie104 - iRADIO LA - Single "Videotape"
--KDGR - Dominion Hits - Single "Videotape"

New York, NY
--WRKS - KISS FM - "Credibility Check"

Sacramento, CA
--KDVS - Freeform Radio - "Driven from Within"

Tallahasse, FL
--WANM 90.5 FM - The Voice of Florida A&M University - Single

Tampa, FL
--WJSL - Big Jay Radio - Single "Videotape"

Washington DC
--WPFW 89.3 FM - Pacifica Radio - Single "Videotape"
--Music Discovery Radio - http://www.live365.com/stations/the_vdub -
Single "Videotape"

Newark, NJ
--Shades of Hip Hop - http://shadesradio.com - Single "Videotape"

Cleveland, OH
--WCSB 89.3 FM - Cleveland - "Credibility Check" - "Prepare for Engagement" - "Certified Authentic Into"

Boston, MA
--55.9 Online - http://www.live365.com/stations/unsigned_radio -
Single "Videotape"
--WBRU 95.5 - Midnight Madness - Single "Videotape"

Burbank, IL
--WRHS - RamRadio - Single "Videotape"

--Hangout Corporation Podcast - (Episode 31) Club Enforcer Podcast - Single "Videotape"
--Pongid Radio - 3-D virtual world of Second Life - Single "Videotape" - Currently in rotation within the following markets:

"Urban Music Award Nominee"

Flight Squad receives invitation to Urban Music Awards

New York, NY (PRFE) July 6, 2009 -- Flight Squad, an urban recording act based out of Miami, FL has received an official invite to attend the 2009 Urban Music Awards held on July 17th, 2009 at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. They will be competing for a chance to win the category of "America's Next Urban Superstar." Since releasing their premiere title "Certified Authentic," the collective has seen forthwith success, primary through international word-of-mouth buzz.

Consistent with current trends within the music industry, the group has benefited greatly from digital downloads, given an adapting industry structure that has seen a decline in the neighborhood based "record store" and a shift toward the expansive global reach of the internet. The UMA's are held in six countries annually and give the public full deciding power on their nominees and winners.

Activities will be webcast live to millions of viewers worldwide and televised for broadcast via 12 channels across the USA, Africa, the Caribbean and Europe. An estimated audience of over 48 million viewers will have the opportunity to watch the awards show.

Invincible Media Group, is the official sponsor of the UMA's "America's Next Urban Superstar" category. Based out of London with offices in the United Kingdom, USA, Germany, France, and the Caribbean, Invincible is the international parent group of companies behind Invincible Magazine, ICM (Invincible Celebrity Management), Invincible Radio, Invincible Television, and Invincible films, Invincible Jeans, Invincible Events and Invincible Mobile.

Other notable UMA nominees include Eminem (Comeback Single - Crack a Bottle), Lil Wayne (Artist of the Year), and Rihanna (Best R&B Act).

For information regarding Flight Squad:
Contact: PR Representative
E-mail: fulleffectpublicity@gmail.com

For information regarding the Urban Music Awards:
Contact: Linda Sykes
E-mail: linda.sykes@urbanmusicawards.net
- Hip Hop Press: Releases

"New Music Spotlight"

There is a new Era upon us and it is called The Vigilante Era. At the head of this era, the lyrical geniuses of Flight Squad promises to prove to those haters who have said Hip-Hop is dead that a new Reign of Greatness is about to begin. Driven by a mission and charged to battle all Super-Villains Flight Squad will blow you away when you hear them for the first time. Check out this dope interview that I had the pleasure to conduct with Flight Squad recently. Enjoy!

Isaac: How do you sum up 2008 for Flight Squad?

Flight Squad: That's a good question. To sum up 2008, I would describe it as a building process.

Isaac: Expound a little about growing up in Miami, Florida.

Flight Squad: Miami is the location of the official Flight Squad headquarters. In basic terms, it was the place [where we could all agree upon] as the [main HQ]. Theoretically, it's where the location of the Metal Gear Facility is although that's moved a couple of times as well.

All of the recruited wingmen are [grinders] to the fullest extent. You separate, you come across each other again, [meet up] in Miami.

Isaac: Describe the music scene in Miami, Florida.

Flight Squad: A lot of heavy-hitters in many different genres.

Isaac: What do you feel was Flight Squad's biggest accomplishment for 2008?

Flight Squad: 2008 was essentially when groundwork was being laid...

Isaac: Elaborate a little about whom were your biggest influences in the music industry and why?

Flight Squad: All of the successful acts that came before us and worked their way up. We can emphasize with those guys because they represent what we [aim] to achieve.

Isaac: Let's talk about what you feel you will bring to the music industry that other Hip-Hop groups have not?

Flight Squad: (laughs) The Vigilante Era.

Isaac: If you had an opportunity to work with one artist or group, who would it be and why?

Flight Squad: That's where you've made a [misinterpretation]. We don't work in groups, we work alone. And if and when we do decide to work in groups, we have a hard enough time staying out of each [other's] way. That being said, we [wouldn't] work with someone else, they [would] work with us.

Isaac: DAMN! (Laughs).

Isaac: How would you describe your music to others?

Flight Squad: One Producer, various Wingmen. The Advocates of Vigilante Doctrine.

Isaac: What is your definition for Hip-Hop Music?

Flight Squad: I think that we [Flight Squad] would be a good definition. I say that because of the parallels between us and the initial groups [that came before]. No budget. We pressed up our own records. Yeah... we would be a good definition.

Isaac: What can fans expect from your latest CD, Certified Authentic (2009), you are working on currently? What is the inspiration behind the CD?

Flight Squad: Certified Authentic is the MARK I prototype. It was put together from screws and spare parts when we were held hostage by mercenaries. They gave us enough information to build them a weapon of [epic proportions], but we built our own [and broke free].

Isaac: Where can fans locate you at online?

Flight Squad: We have an official MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/xxflightsquadxx and an official website at www.thefulleffectonline.com.

Isaac: What can fans expect from Flight Squad in 2009?

Flight Squad: More vigilante campaigns. More wingmen. Expect the unexpected.

Isaac: Time for some shout outs to your family, friends, and fans…

Flight Squad: A big shout out to all of the Super-villains. You make us what we are.

Isaac: Final words from Flight Squad…

Flight Squad: Certified Authentic is available at your favorite e-retailer as we speak.

There was a time when [fans] had to [go search for] first pressings and underground releases but technology [now] is on a completely different [plateau]. Support music if you want it to survive…
- juniorscave.com

"Global Grind - Flight Squad Prepares Vigilante Movement"

Miami, FL (PRFE) August 3, 2009 -- Webster's Dictionary defines a vigilante as "a self-appointed doer of justice." Vigilantism is defined as "the actions of a vigilance committee in trying to enforce their definition of justice." To be vigilant is derived from the Latin vigilare, meaning "to stay awake."

True to their literary definition, the vigilantes of the Flight Squad are not planning on sleeping anytime soon. With their inceptive release Certified Authentic picking up momentum and global notoriety, all engines are primed to take the vigilante era global.

"We've had incredible word of mouth [internationally] with virtually no budget. Right now we have that cult underground following achieved from true support. We've had sales orders from Japan, Germany, the UK and France. Fans have been reaching out to us from all over the world."

"This is how we're going to do it," exclaims de-facto leader and producer Liquid Snake. "We're going to straight [bombard] every last place that has provided backup for the movement. We're going to have our vigilante briefing in the war room with the maps and blueprints and then we're blitzing every place that's behind us. Complete stealth mode. You'll know when we're coming. Venues, dates, and locations. Stock up on your downloads, [your] records, [your] ringtones and represent." - Hiphop Phire


Certified Authentic (2009)



Much can be written about the meteoric rise of the Miami based collective appropriately identified as the "Flight Squad." One could begin with the massive following developed within the urban underground, exemplified by the support garnered at performances and epitomized by a precipitous boom of independent record sales. Others may follow with revered observation of the individual modus operandi signatures left upon each track, similar to defiant fingerprints present at the scene of a professionally ordered operation-in-progress. And some may go further to implicate the theory of controlled chaos, the unification of the divergently fragmental "every-man-for-himself" mantra, concisely reincorporated into a representative force embodied by the abject advocates of vigilante doctrine.

"It's like you have one [person] coming through the front door; bang. At the same time another [person] is sliding down the nearby ventilation shaft at the back of the room; boom. At the next table, the host for the evening you thought was a waiter drops their server's tray in mid stride; crash. Incendiary mines detonate, courtesy of the inconspicuous van parked down the street; kaboom. And just when you thought what else could possibly be next, at this moment; the windows shatter from the rainmaker with precise tactical position."

Similar to sharks ravaging the unexplored depths of the most treacherous waters, Flight Squad affiliates, may not necessarily be operating in cooperation, but they are all commissioned for the completion of the same objective. Sonically, this leads to an eclectic mix of diverse styles, ranging from the bound-by-code-of-ethics technique of Liquid Snake, to the psychopathically maniacal reckless abandon of Young Don. Additional affiliates fill in the blanks between the two extremes, and featured guests provide their own characteristic specialties. Snake displays additional métier by serving as the lone producer, cementing his status as leader by acting as composer/arranger in both the literal and figurative aspects of the terms.

Be alert. With a penchant for stealth theatrics and a flair for dynamic advances, the “Flight Squad” has established an identity within the urban genre. Propelled by their initial release definitively titled Certified Authentic, vigilante season stands primed to emerge on radar screens everywhere without warning.